How to know if a girl wants a kiss

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Afrihot kiss

-Women will almost always tell you in subtle ways.
-The problem is that most people haven’t learned how to read the signs.
-In your case, it is a second date so she likes you enough to go out more than once. I would say that alone is a good sign :)
-Pay attention to her actions.
-Watch her body language.
-Is she engaged?
-Good eye contact?
-Is she playing with her hair?
- Touching her face or mouth?

All of these are signs.
-There are also small things you can do to gauge her interest.
-You can brush hair off of her face or lean in and whisper something in her ear.
-But in my experience the best way to proceed is to be confident
-lean in and put your hand behind her head and kiss her. No tongue. Just a nice medium firm kiss.
-If she responds appropriately, then escalate from there.
Good luck and just go for it!



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