What it means when a lady texts "hmm" as reply



A lot of guys become somewhat confused whenever they get hmm" as response during a chat with ladies. We've been able to come up with something we think could help you understand the expression better and what to do next.

What does it mean if a girl texts a guy "hmm"?

-That's called a default. It’s what you say when you don't have anything to say, but you need to say something.

-Lot of human communication doesn't really have much content..A lot of stock phrases like “what's up?”, “how about that?, and a ton of other things.

-Look at the replies on Facebook when somebody posts a picture of themselves and you'll get an idea of how much we say that doesn't mean much.

-It is a reply, tho, an affirmation, or whatever you want to call it. Important even though it has no content.

-If you hear one side of a phone conversation, where the person on the other end is just rambling on and on, you're likely to hear somebody say, “hmmm” a lot.

-If you want her say something more, there’s a simple trick-ask questions.

I’m not a girl, but I once went through something similar.

-It’s basically a sign asking you to come up with something to do or talk about. It’s like asking, “Hey, what’s on your mind?” in an indirect sort of way. So if she replies with “lol nothing” just change the topic and talk about something, and eventually she’ll open up about it herself.

-If she gives the “hmm” response as a reply for your answers, it’s your turn to ask her to elaborate what she thinks.

-You sorta just need to give attention to how she feels. You don’t necessarily need to get it right. Just giving attention is often enough.


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