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The moment when we start to catch our breath.

After suffering a fall from grace, a photographer returns to her hometown and bumps into her childhood friend — rekindling an unfinished romance.

Episode 1: E01 · Tears of the Dragon

After harshly rebuking her assistant, Cho Sam-dal becomes embroiled in a scandal and faces severe blowback, forcing her to return to her hometown.

Episode 2: E02 · The Soulmates' History

While moping over her career downfall, Sam-dal awkwardly encounters Cho Yong-pil; she later runs into him again and must come to his rescue.

Episode 3: E03 · Like Wild Birds, Soaring, Dreaming, Descending

Attempting to avoid public attention, Sam-dal stays out of sight as more people become aware of her presence. Unfortunately, she overhears a hurtful conversation, leading to an emotional breakdown.

Episode 4: E04 · The Rotten Apple of My Eye

In the mid of town gossip, Sam-dal decides to set the record straight within her community. Overwhelmed by shame, she fabricates details about her love life when speaking to Yong-pil.

Episode 5: E05 · I See You

As Yong-pil expresses concern for Sam Dal, she confronts him over his insistence; Sam-dal's friends stand up for her when a reporter visits her neighbourhood.

Episode 6: E06 · The Dreams by Cho Yong-pil

To win Sam-dal's love, Yong-pil faces competition in Bu Sang-do; Sam-dal travels to Seoul in search of the truth after learning about Bang Eun-ju's plan.

Episode 7: E07 · Breaking Up, With Love

Sang-do confronts Yong-pil about their shared feelings for Sam-dal. Sam-dal's mother begins to suspect something is happening between Sam-dal and Yong-pil.

Episode 8: E08 · Episode 8

Ko Mi-ja experiences a frightening moment during a dive amid lingering health problems; after much encouragement, Sam-dal enters a photo competition.

Episode 9: E09 · The Story of the Two Mi-jas

As Mi-ja's condition remains dire, Sam-dal learns she's been unaware about her mother's health, and that Yong-pil's been more present than she'd known.

Episode 10: E10 · The Variables We Couldn't Predict

After a drunken night, Sam-dal agonises over a tender moment with Yong-pil. But they soon are forced to take a trip around Jeju for the photo contest.

Episode 11: E11 · What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

A man from Cho Jin-dal's past angers her family with an ill-advised announcement; Sam-dal continues to agonize over her feelings toward Yong-pil.

Episode 12: E12 · Welcome Home

Sam-dal worries about her mother's perception as her relationship with Yong-pil's grows; after uploading a video of Sam-dal, Eun-ju comes to Samdal-ri.

Episode 13 

Just as Yong-pil and Sam-dal get closer, his father rebukes them; amid the tension, Mi-ja finally stands up for herself.

Episode 14

LAfter becoming official, Sam-dal and Yong-pil go off on a shoot - but they're joined by guests. Sam-dal later attempts to win over Yong-pil's father.

Episode 15: It Takes a Village to Raise a Dragon

Eun-ju plants a story about Sam-dal, complicating her role in the photo contest. But Sam-dal's community bands together to aid in her exhibition.

Episode 16: Welcome to Samdalri

As Eun-ju's lies catch up to her, Sam-dal hosts her exhibition. She later finds out about Yong-pil's secret dream — and his hesitation about pursuing it.



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