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A demon Jeong Gu-won is superior to humans in every way, but when he loses his powers, he will have to work with a chaebol heiress Do Do-hee to recover them, and romance begins to bloom in this process.

Episode 1: E01 · Living in the Mist

An accidental date with Jeong Gu-won leaves Do Do-Hee feeling flustered; she later becomes a victim of an attack, but the rescue requires a contract.

Episode 2: E02 · Everyone Has a Demon in Their Heart

Gu-won inexplicably loses his power and finds that Do-hee might be the key to regaining it. But his efforts to take back his abilities backfire.

Episode 3: E03 · Episode 3

After another attack, Do-hee asks Gu-won to be her guard, even after his admission as a demon; Do-hee finds the loss of someone close suspicious.

Episode 4: E04 · Episode 4

Gu-won declines Do-hee's proposal; later, she recruits him to look into Ju Cheon-suk's death, but he runs into an unforeseen power blockage.

Episode 5: E05 · Episode 5

Gu-won and Do-hee develop complicated feelings for each other after a dramatic rescue. However, their relationship is tested when Do-hee starts searching for a man to marry, which leaves Gu-Won frustrated.

Episode 6: E06 · Episode 6

After Gu-won saves Do-hee's life, she receives multiple marriage proposals. She ends up choosing one, only to find an alarming face at her wedding.

Episode 7: E07 · Episode 7

Do-hee and Gu-won experience newlywed stress as they settle into their new home; Ju Seok-hoon becomes suspicious of Gu-won's non-human identity.

Episode 8: 

, Do-hee rushes to save his life; as life around her becomes more dangerous, she makes a surprising career move.

Episode 9: E09 · The Unmasked Truth

As Do-hee and Gu-won's relationship finally blossoms, Gu-won begins to experience a strange change in his powers while an impending danger casts its shadow.

Episode 10: E10 · Breaking Through the Shell

Upon discovering his fate, Gu-won tries to find another way to save himself; just as he and Do-hee prepare their ritual, she becomes a target.

Episode 11: E11 · A Paradise of the Ominous

Gu-won finds his power restored after rescuing Do-hee from a sure death - but with side effects. With no time to waste, the two investigate the attack.

Episode 12: E12 · The Savior of Destruction

A dream of Gu-won's past life reveals his tragic connection to Do-hee; after the two hear of a death, their suspicions of the Noh family deepens.

Episode 13: 

As Gu-won and Do-hee enjoy their blissful time together, he notices her unresolved trauma; unaware of Noh Suk-min's true intentions, the two later join him for dinner.

Episode 14: 

Gu-won comes to Do-hee's rescue following a frightening confrontation with Suk-min; however, Suk-min's revelation about Cheon-suk leaves Do-hee gutted.

Episode 15 S01E15: The End of Fate

Police fails to find Suk-min's body, opening up a concerning possibility. Do-hee attempts to bury her feelings after Gu-won disappears without a trace.

Episode 16 S01E16: Our Personal Heaven

Do-hee finds herself catatonic after her loss. Desperate for Gu-won's return, she makes a Christmas wish for her love — which Noh Suk-nyeo hears.



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