The Worst of Evil (2023) | Korean Series

In 1990s Gangnam, they ran the streets.

Set in the 1980s, a husband and wife, both detectives, infiltrate a massive criminal organization responsible for the illegal drug trade between Korea, China, and Japan.

Episode 1: S01E01
Detective Jun-mo goes undercover within Gangnam Union to probe an international drug trade.

Episode 2: S01E02
Barely passing Gi-cheul's test, Jun-mo joins Gangnam Union and discovers an unexpected truth.

Episode 3: S01E03
Eui-jeong's appearance puts the squad in trouble. Gi-cheul finds last night's attack suspicious.

Episode 4: S01E04
The team seeks Eui-jeong's aid to assist Jun-mo in a crisis, which leads to a perilous love triangle

Episode 5: S01E05
Earning Gi-cheul's trust, Jun-mo becomes anxious as he sees Gi-cheul making a move toward Eui-jeong.

Episode 6: S01E06
The delivery accident jeopardizes the trade. Detective Hwang closely surveils Gangnam Union.

Episode 7: S01E07
Hae-ryun shows interest in Jun-mo and Eui-jeong approaches Gi-cheul. Jun-mo takes an extreme measure.

Episode 8: S01E08
Gi-cheul suspects Jun-mo. The four people's irreversible decisions triggered the biggest crisis.

Episode 9: S01E09
The battle with Jae-geon creates a crack. Jun-mo joins forces with Hae-ryun to resume the trade.

Episode 10: S01E10
Jun-mo and Eui-jeong juggle duty and feelings. Hwang continues to meddle, and the final day arrives.

Episode 11: S01E11
An accident halts the trade and a crisis approaches as Eui-jeong and Do-hyung worry about Jun-mo.

Episode 12 (END): S01E12
Gi-cheul and Jun-mo make their way to the final deal. Korea, China, and Japan prepare for the arrest.


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