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My dearest whom I miss and love very much

A love-story between a noble woman and a mysterious man set in Joseon during the Qing invasion, known in Korean as Byeongja Horan. Yu Gil Chae is a well-bred woman from a good family, an arrogant person who believed that the love of all men in the world was also hers, but after going through the weather of war, she became a person who truly fell in love with a man. Lee Jang Hyun, a mysterious man who suddenly appears in the Neunggun-ri social scene one day. He is a complex character with a dark side that he cannot reveal to anyone in his natural playfulness. He didn't love anyone, so he didn't give his sincerity to anyone, but after he got to know a woman, he opened the door to an unexpected fate.

Episode 1: S01E01
Gil-chae is excited for the flower festival as she will be able to see Yeon-jun, her long-time crush. She believes he is the young master who shows up in her dream every night. Meanwhile, a stranger enters the village and interrupts the flower festival. He is already infamous for associating with foreign intruders.

Episode 2: S01E02
Gil-chae tries everything she can to draw Yeon-jun's attention but gets disappointed when she sees him with Eun-ae. Since Jang-hyun has been to places all over the country, she decides to get help from him to learn about people in Hanyang. Jang-hyun takes Gil-chae to interesting places where noble women are not allowed. Meanwhile, Jang-hyun plans to hold a 60th wedding anniversary for Grandpa Song-chu.

Episode 3: S01E03
The Great Jin army intrudes on the borders, and the King has been captive at Namhan Fortress. Furthermore, they ask for the crown prince as hostage. Yeon-jun and the scholars from Neunggun-ri volunteer to fight for the country. However, Jang-hyun brazenly announces that he plans to evacuate instead.

Episode 4: S01E04
Jang-hyun hears the horses and realizes the intruders are near the village. While the ladies pray at the temple for the young masters at war, Gil-chae notices smoke coming from the top of the mountain. When Gil-chae and Eun-ae are about to cross the river to flee from their village, the intruders arrive at Neunggun-ri.

Episode 5: S01E05
Even though Gil-chae tries to deny her feelings for Jang-hyun, she is worried about him joining the army. Yeon-jun gets stabbed by the enemy, and Jang-hyun takes him to a physician where Gil-chae and Eun-ae are staying. Meanwhile, Khan is on his way to invade Joseon, and the Crown Prince looks for someone who knows well about the foreign intruders.

Episode 6: S01E06
Jang-hyun and Ryang-eum disguise themselves as intruders to sneak into their troops and meet Khan. However, the enemy was not easy to fool. The King of Joseon wants to make peace with them before they bring further disaster, but his subjects want to fight them instead. Therefore, Khan cannot wait any longer and proceeds to conquer Ganghwa Island.

Episode 7: S01E07
Jang-hyun saves Gil-chae and the ladies from the intruders. Gil-chae returns to the spot where the intruders are to check if Jang-hyun is there. Despite the objection of his loyal subjects, the King decides to leave the fortress. Therefore, the war is over, and Yeon-jun is about to propose to Eun-ae. Meanwhile, Yeon-jun and Gil-chae have a conversation in private for the last time.

Episode 8: S01E08
Gil-chae tries to stop Jang-hyun from leaving but does not know how, as she wants to hide her feelings for him. Also, Jang-hyun tells Gil-chae to move on from Yeon-jun, but she cannot forget him easily. Therefore, Gil-chae has to watch Jang-hyun leave the country with the Crown Prince. Meanwhile, Jang-hyun and his friends meet Yong Gol-dae in Simyang.

Episode 9: S01E09
Jang-hyun catches fleeing prisoners to gain Yong Gol-dae's trust. The Crown Prince finds out about it and summons him right away. Meanwhile, Gil-chae tries everything she can to make a living for her people, even though she is from a noble family. She uses the business tactics that Jang-hyun taught her to trade goods with foreign intruders.

Episode 10: S01E10
Gil-chae runs into Ryang-eum and asks him about Jang-hyun. When Jang-hyun returns to Joseon, he finds out Gil-chae is engaged to another man, and Ryang-eum lied to her about his death. When Gil-chae tries to push him away as she is about to get married to Officer Gu, Jang-hyun asks her to run away with him.

Episode 11: S01E11
Gil-chae gets married to Won-moo, and Jang-hyun returns to Qing, heartbroken, as he lost Gil-chae for good. While capturing fleeing prisoners from Joseon, Jang-hyun meets familiar people from his hometown. Meanwhile, the King of Joseon announces to the escapees to turn themselves in.

Episode 12: S01E12
Gil-chae and Jong-jong get captured by Qing's soldiers along with other runaway captives. They're dragged to Qing upon King's order. Yeon-jun and Ryang-eum head to Qing to rescue Gil-chae. The Qing emperor orders Crown Prince Sohyeon and his subjects to provide for themselves by farming. Jang-hyun proposes using the Joseon slaves as farmers.

Episode 13: S01E13
Won-moo sells his goods to earn enough money to save Gil-chae, but everyone mocks him as they believe she has become a slave by now. However, Won-moo travels to Simyang to bring her back, and Yeon-jun and Eun-ae look for ways to find her. Meanwhile, Jang-hyun is surprised when he meets the princess of the Qing in Simyang.

Episode 14: S01E14
Jang Hyun meets Gil-chae at the slave market in Simyang and saves her from the merchant.

Episode 15: S01E15
Gil-chae stays in Simyang until Jang-hyun gets better, but Ryang-eum wants her gone as soon as possible.

Episode 16: S01E16
After the Khan's death, Jang-hyun makes a deal with Yong Gol-dae. However, Gakhwa gets in his way and threatens him with the captives' lives. Therefore, Jang-hyun sends Gil-chae back to Joseon for her safety even though she wants to stay by his side in Simyang.

Episode 17: S01E17

Episode 18: S01E18
Jang-hyun and Gil-chae are finally together, but Jang-hyun needs to go back to Simyang for a month to keep the promise he made to Yang-chun. Gil-chae promises him that she will wait for him in Joseon. However, the King banned the Crown Prince from bringing back the captives to Joseon.

Episode 19: S01E19
Gil-chae secretly takes Jang-hyun home, and the eunuchs from the palace are searching everywhere to find him. The King tortures the Crown Prince, his own son, with his unjustified suspicion. Therefore, the Crown Prince suffers from an illness, and the Crown Princess is framed as a traitor. Meanwhile, Gakhwa travels to Joseon to take Jang-hyun back.

Episode 20: S01E20
Jang-hyun regains his memory and recognizes Gil-chae. He finds out the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess have passed away and left a letter for him. Meanwhile, Gakhwa comes all the way to Gil-chae's house in Joseon to find Jang-hyun. Since Joseon interpreters are being flogged to death, Gil-chae decides to let him go to Qing for his safety.

Episode 21: S01E21(END)



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