Story of the Human Hibernator who used to sleep for 5months (November to April) yearly

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The man in the above picture is popularly known as the Human Hibernator.

Arthur E. (Turkey) Gehrke, was popularly known as the human Hibernator, he had a habit of going to bed in Early November and staying in bed Until April.

For 25 years Gehrke continued his practice of going to bed in November and staying there till April. A psychiatrist explained that Gehrke was suffering from Anxiety Neurosis because he suffered from shock which arise as a result from a liver ailment.

He believed staying in bed at the time he was sick made him better, he can continue to do that for the rest of his life. He told his doctors that by staying in bed he avoids getting sick.

Arthur had a bar which was the source of his bread and butter and he used to hire one bartender to look after the affairs after when he went into his hibernation.

Arthur died in his Sleep, in a hospital to which he was admitted because he suffred from acute anemia.

To date he is known as the Human Hibernator and no other man in history is known to sleep like this. At least he died doing what he loved.

In today's world of science, human hibernation is termed to be very useful as travel to Mars would require a good amount of time (many months), if it could be learned and be tought or artificially induced - would help a lot.

I believe that many people did not know that a human hibernator existed.




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