How Mike Tyson snitched on the Police officers that helped him

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Mike Tyson with his first wife Robin Givens went out for a quick bite at burger King. She reached into his pocket for money to pay for the food and found some condoms, she got mad, got into an argument.

Super angry, she left from the restaurant in Mike's Rolls-Royce.

Furious and in a rush she crashed into a car, hitting a pedestrian, injuring the person pretty bad. It is believed that she did that on purpose to put Tyson in trouble.

Dunno why people call her the original Amber Heard from the 80s.🤭

Tyson noticed that the man's arm was broken. When he saw the police car arriving at the scene, he got worried that he or his wife will be behind bars as it was his car involved in the accident.

As soon as the officer reached and asked a few questions, Tyson in panic mode bribed his Rolls-Royce to the officer.

Believe it or not, they took the car and set Tyson and wifey free to go.

When he reached home, he realised that giving a Rolls-Royce for the accident was really a bad idea, not worth it at all. So he called up the police station and demanded his car back. Superiors got involved, gave him the car back and fired the nudge.

Kinda awkward getting snitched by the person who bribed you.




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