In 2008, Sarah and Amina Said were shot dead by their father for dating American boys while....

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Yaser Abdel Said is an Egyptian-American former taxi driver who is serving life sentence for the honor killings of his daughters. The same man was reported in 1998 for sexually assaulting the two girls.

When his daughter Amina was 16, Said took her to Egypt to get married to a much older man. She rejected the proposition and this made her father angry. He then started to obsessively monitor the girls to make sure they don’t bring ‘shame’ to his family by dating American boys.

When Amina’s younger sister, Sarah, got a job at a convenience store, he set up a camera to monitor her. She was punished whenever she smiled too much to her customers.

The girls nevertheless defiled his rules by getting American boyfriends. They tried everything to conceal their relationships but their efforts were not enough. Said found out and decided to end their lives.

On January 1, 2008, Yaser Said took Amina and Sarah to his taxi cab, and told them he was taking them out to eat. He drove them both to Irving, Texas where he shot both girls to death in his taxi cab. Amina, who was shot twice, died instantly, while Sarah managed to call 911 before she took her last breath.

Yaser evaded arrest for 12 years , and was on the FBI’s most wanted fugitive from 2014 before his arrest in August 2020.




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