How a young Pakistani gave his life to save 3,000 kids

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His name was Iqbal Masih, a young Pakistani activist.

As a child Iqbal’s parents took a loan from a local business man. At four he was handed over as a child laborer to work until the year the debt gets paid off. The money lender owned a carpet weaving business.

The laborers were bound with chains to the carpet looms to make sure they don’t escape. For six years he worked to pay off the debt that was less than $12.

When he turned 10, he got to know that bonded labor was illegal. This was when he first attempted to escape. He was caught and punished but it didn’t deter him. His second attempt was successful.

After his escape, he was picked up by an NGO who him sent to school. He helped more than 3000 bonded children to find freedom. He got popular, travelled to some countries, and won some awards.

Tragedy struck on 16 April, 1995 when he was shot and killed by a member of the “carpet mafia”. He was 12.



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