What are the business ideas for 2018? Here are 6 you should know

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Business ideas for 2018
Business opportunities
Being financially free is everyone’s dream. So, here are ways to help liberate you from financial problems.
1. Online marketing
I have said over and over to whoever will listen that the internet is not merely for whiling away time. Building your brand and gaining experience is a worthwhile venture if you can attract large followership. With 2019 approaching, brand influencers will be in high demand.
2. Animal feed production
Lots of people are going into livestock farming and so the market is quickly becoming saturated. However, what there is still room for is feed for the animals. It hardly takes so much capital to produce feed for birds, fish etc.
3. Cleaning service
People hardly have time these days and more so, the normal dry cleaning service is branching out into more. If you can offer services to clean an entire house, you would be surprised how many clients you would have. You could have someone you trust manage the business while you focus on your 9-5 job. 
4. Cryptocurrencies
The value of cryptocurrencies keeps going up. If you have not joined the train, there still might be time for you this year with upcoming ones. Thus, go into cryptocurrency mining today.
5. Real estate
This business moves practically every year but requires large capital. You could just buy a piece of land and lease it out for farming or develop it for renting out. 
6. Online tutoring
If you have any skills or knowledge to impart on others as a consultant, you could offer courses online. As long as you prove yourself an excellent tutor, you will get lots of students. People want to learn. Read this on how to start a blog to Begin tutorship 
Other businesses you should seriously consider are transportation, blogging, food deliveries and waste management.



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