These are the wonderful things that will happen if you stop frequent Facebooking

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10 Great things that will happen when you stop checking your Facebook constantly

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t keep checking Facebook? Would your social life cease to exist, would your boyfriend get up and leave, and your family instantly disown you? Of course, they wouldn’t, most people wouldn’t even notice that you hadn’t been on Facebook for a while. You might, however, notice some positive changes in yourself, if you didn’t constantly check Facebook and here are ten reasons why:

1. You will begin to feel better about yourself

It’s a proven fact that spending too much time on Facebook can affect your own self-esteem. Research has shown that the constant bombardment of other people’s good fortune can start to make you to feel inadequate. People worry too much about their own posts and get depressed, if they don’t get any likes.

2. You will become more productive

When you leave Facebook alone, you will also become far more productive than you are now. You’ll be amazed at just how much extra time you will have. You might even be able to take up a new hobby.

3. You’ll find out what ‘Like’ really means

When people ‘Like’ a post on Facebook, they are not really saying that they like it. What they’re saying is ‘I’ve read it’ or ‘Hey, like me back’. Taking a break from Facebook can remind you what the word ‘like’ is really about and it can help you to focus on the real relationships that matter.

4. You’ll get more sleep

Once you get started, Facebook is hard to put down, and you won’t be the first person that has found themselves still looking at people’s profiles in the early hours of the morning. Give Facebook a rest and you might even get a good night’s sleep, and you’ll feel much better for doing so.

5. You won’t get so upset about past relationships

Facebook also lets you catch up on what your exes are doing and that is nearly always upsetting. Seeing pictures of him happy with someone else is only going to bring back memories and make you sad, so leave it alone and concentrate on what you have today.

6. You’ll be more aware of the world around you

When you leave Facebook alone, you will start to notice what is going on around you. You’ll start talking to people more and maybe even start going out more. It’s so much better that just reading about what someone else has been doing.

7. You’ll have a lot more privacy

Limiting your time on Facebook will also mean that you don’t give so much away about yourself. If you are constantly making posts, you will be giving away more and more personal details about yourself. Remember, it’s not only your friends that can see all that personal information.

8. You will be more grateful for things that you do have

If you spend too much time on Facebook then it won’t be long before you find someone that has a better car than you, a better job, or who has just announced their engagement. All that does is all it takes the shine off your own achievements, so give it a rest, and then you will appreciate what you do have far more.

9. You will become more independent

Avid Facebook users will often try and seek the approval of their friends. This can mean that they take decisions based upon, not what will make them happy, but what will get them the most ‘Likes’. Stop posting your every move on Facebook and you will begin to do things to please yourself and not to please other people.

10. You will be happier

When you combine all these factors together, you will find that you are happier. You will be less stressed about what other people are doing and what they have, you will have more time to do fun things and actually go out with people and you won’t be so tired all the time. Facebook can be fun, but it can also become a habit that’s hard to quit.




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