How to migrate mtn cheapest tarriff plan in 2018

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Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans in Nigeria and Migration Codes 2018
After thorough research, we have discovered the Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans in Nigeria. All you need is to review it and enjoy now.
The full deregulation of the telecommunication sector in Nigeria in year 2000 ushered the unprecedented revolution in the telecommunication sector we experience now.
This has introduced healthy competition among the key stakeholders and operators. MTN, glo, Airtel, Etisalat and many others have had to slash their data charges, call rates, SMS charges etc. just to stay relevant in the competitive industry.
These key players have also worked hard to come up with innovative ideas that will always give their customers/subscribers a reason to stay with the network as well as convince their friends, colleagues, and family members to join them in their network of choice.
Afrihot mtn plans
MTN Nigeria hasn’t been left out in the never-ending competition. Are you an MTN subscriber and you want to know the cheapest MTN Nigeria tariff plans ? If yes, you are in the right place because I will reveal to you the cheapest MTN Nigeria tariff plan.
A tariff is a billing plan or a price schedule or rate plan that is offered to customers, and they come with various rules that apply with the offers.
Tariff plans come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they fit us perfectly, and sometimes they don’t. Regardless of what we choose, it’s good to get good information on these plans, or just to know that they exist as options.
This information covers available MTN Tariff plans for users like you and me.
Here you will find all the information you need concerning the following:
mtn tariff plans and migration codesmtn zone tariff planmtn prepaid planmtn trutalkmtn super saver tariffmtn biz plusmtn pulse migration codemtn xtra value
You know that feeling when you’re on an unsuitable plan for you, and you just find out that the tariff plan of your dreams has been in existence all this time, and you knew nothing about it? Well, we want to make sure you don’t have that feeling. The following tariff plans aren’t exhaustive, but they’re a good combo. Read on!
MTN Tariff Plans, Features, Costs, Benefits and Migration Codes
See the cheapest mtn tariff plans below…
1. Yafun Yafun SIM Offer:
The MTN YafunYafun SIM Offer is a special tariff plan. This means that it isn’t part of the regular packages that MTN offers, but this one is available with new MTN SIM card purchases. New customers or at least, customers buying new MTN SIM cards can enjoy the benefits of this special tariff after registering and activating their new SIM.
This plan entails a 700& bonus on every recharge above N100. In addition to that, the user has access to free WhatsApp weekly.
So basically, when you make a recharge (which would technically be above N100) in this tariff you enjoy the aforementioned benefits.
Ho to activate or utilize this plan:
*Purchase and register a new MTN SIM.
*Make a N100 or above recharge. Once you do this, a 700% bonus accrues to you in a dedicated account
*Note that the airtime bonus is valid for 7 days on a single recharge. Also the plan itself would end after a period of 3 months after which you would be automatically be migrated to the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan, which we would talk about next.
*Finally, to check your 700% bonus balance, dial *559*17#
2. MTN Beta Talk
As long as you’re an MTN Prepaid customer, you can migrate to the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan.
So the MTN Beta Talk plan is basically this:
You get a 250% bonus every time you recharge N100 or more; you get only 150% if you recharge less than N100. This plan applies to national calls (calls within Nigeria), national SMS, and PAYG data.
Things to note about this plan:
*It costs a N100 migration fee, except if it is your first time in 30 days. You won’t be charged a daily access fee though.
*You have to recharge using *555* (the normal account recharge code) or using VTU. Any other means of recharge will not earn a bonus on recharge for this tariff.
*You absolutely cannot send airtime via Share and Sell in the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan.
*If you migrate to a different plan, you lose your bonus balance
To migrate to the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan, dial *123*2*1#, or text BT to 131.
You can check your main account balance and BETA Talk balance by dialling the usual balance enquiry code which is *556#
3. MTN Xtra Value
The MTN Xtra Value tariff plan has two parts: the Xtra Talk and the Xtra Data.
There are about 16 types of MTN Xtra bundles: 8 for airtime and 8 for data.
There’s no charge for migrating to this plan; however, the bundle fee will be deducted.
Once the MTN Xtra Value plan is activated, all national calls, international calls to 17 selected destinations, SMS and Data, will be charged from the Xtra Value bundle account. Once it’s exhausted, however, call, SMS and data charges will be deducted from your normal account or any other active bonus account.
To subscribe to the Xtra Value bundles, dial *131*2# and select a bundle of your choice.
Please note: Once you exhaust your MTN Xtra Value bundle and do not renew it, your calls, SMS, or date would be deducted from your main account at the tariff plan rate. National calls will be charged at 20k per sec, standard international call rate and national SMS at N4.
You can also purchase multiple bundles while you’re on the Xtra Value plan.
To check your Xtra Value bundle balance, main account balance and bundle expiry, dial *556#
4. MTN Xtra Special Postpaid
If you want to be a postpaid customer, the MTN Xtra Special Postpaid is a tariff plan you could check out.
This plan allows you to enjoy a flat rate of 15 kobo per second for MTN to MTN calls, MTN to other networks and to 18 selected international destinations. This plan doesn’t attract a daily or monthly subscription or access fee.
It’s a pretty straight forward plan.
The selected destinations include the following:
CanadaChinaGermanyIndiaIrelandMalaysiaSouth AfricaUnited KingdomUnited StatesSwedenSouth KoreaIsraelHong KongRomaniaDenmarkCyprusMaltaLuxembourg
The MTN AWAUF4U is available to both MTN prepaid and postpaid customers. It’s a plan that rewards 300% airtime bonus for any recharge above N100, and 200% airtime bonus to a recharge below N100.
If you receive your airtime via Share and Sell, you will not be eligible for this plan, unfortunately.
Consider the following rates under the AWUF4U plan:
*Calls to all Networks in Nigeria would be at N27/min or 45k/sec
*SMS to all Networks in Nigeria would be at N4/SMS, which is capped at 75 SMS weekly
*International calls to 18 selected destinations would be at N39.6/min or 66k/sec
PAYG data browsing would be at N15/MB
To have access to this tariff plan, you have to recharge with a special code: *888*PIN# or though VTU
6. MTN Pulse
The MTN Pulse is considered a movement. It comes with variety and it stretches across various interests.
It’s a prepaid tariff plan that gives access to the user to a flat rate of 11kobo per second for calls across all local networks in Nigeria after spending N11 daily. According to MTN, you “talk more, laugh more, and love more,” on this plan. Subscribe and confirm.
Other benefits of this plan include the following:
*Music streaming on Music+ at N10 per day
*Happy hour night browsing at N25 per day
*100% data bonus on purchase of 500MB weekly bundle
*Data bonus on recharge
Thing to note about this plan:
Migration to MTN Pulse is free but if it’s your subsequent migration within a period of 30 days, you would be charged N100
To migrate to this plan, dial *406*1# or text 406 to 131
7. MTN Smooth Talk
If you’ve not been aware of the MTN Smooth Talk, then check this out. MTN has added this tariff to the group. The MTN Smooth talk tariff plan entails a discounted call rate of about 20k per second for your MTN2MTN and MTN to other networks after you pay a daily access fee of N5.
What’s so special about MTN Smooth Talk?
Firstly, discounted calls to all MTN numbers and to other networks are exculsive to the MTN Smooth Talk tariff plan.
It also has an interesting feature which is the Start and End of Call notification to assist you manage your spending.
This plan is available only to prepaid users.
To migrate, dial *401# or text 401 to 131. There’s no migration fee, but a daily access fee of N5.
8. N700 for N200 subscription Code
Cheapest call deals! Get N700 airtime to call all networks in Nigeria for only N200. Dial *567*103# Now to enjoy this offer. Valid for 7 days.
Since coming into Nigeria in 2001, MTN Nigeria has remained competitive and innovative, thus giving their customers a reason to always stay in the network.
I will reveal to you four tariff plans which are the cheapest amongst all the plans in MTN Nigeria.
Welcome as I introduce you to the Cheapest MTN Nigeria Tariff Plans:
9. MTN Zone
MTN Zone is an amazing innovative tariff plan which works with a user location, time and network action.
You can make calls for as low as 4k/s orN2.4/min. Isn’t that rather amazing?
Remember that you get cheaper discount forMTN to MTN domestic calls. Make sure you can see the zone display on your phone screen before thinking about making a call as the zone bars are not always stable.
To migrate to MTN Zone, dial *135*1# or text135 to 131 and it is done.
Migration is free for first timers.
Remember that even though you can make cheap calls, you have to monitor the bars or percentages of the Zone.
10. MTN SuperSaver Plus
This is another cheap tariff plan from MTN Nigeria and it is amongst the cheapest MTN Nigeria tariff plans.
With supersaver plus, you can make calls for as low as 10k/sec or N6/min after a first call charge of 42k/sec. Doesn’t that sound great?
It sure does! Usage applies to all networks.
To migrate to SuperSaver Plus, dial *408#Remember that you are charged N25.20 if you do not exceed a 1 minute call daily.
11. MTN iPulse
Here comes another plan that makes my list of cheapest MTN Nigeria tariff plan.
Just like SuperSaver Plus, you are basically charged 10kobo per second after the first minute which attracts 42 kobo per second. You ca use it to call any networks.
The difference between SuperSaver and MTN ipulse is the freebies attached to each tariff plan.
To migrate to MTN iPulse, dial *406# and this is free for all first timers.
12. TruTalk Plus
Finally, I bring you MTN TruTalk Plus. This attracts 11kobo per second charge per call made but you have to incur an extra charge of N5 which is the daily access fee.
The access fee is charged only when you make the first call once in a day and the rest now becomes the normal charge.
To migrate to TruTalk Plus, dial *123*20#
13. MTN BizPlus
MTN BizPlus gives the lowest call rate to all networks and lots more especially designed for SMEs. To subscribe, dial *460*1# to to migrate now.
MTN Tariff Plan Review
You can see the 4 Cheapest MTN Nigeria Tariff Plans. MTN Nigeria as continuously worked hard to introduce innovative ideas in terms of cheap data subscription, network coverage, bonuses, cheap call rates and promotions.
These ideas have indeed endeared MTN Nigeria to her subscribers whom have found it difficult to leave the network despite its flaws.
The cheapest MTN Nigeria traffic plans discussed above give subscribers why leaving MTN for other local networks isn’t a good idea. Despite slashing call and SMS rates, MTN Nigeria has remote coverage along the lengths and breadth of Nigeria.
Remember all bonuses and juicy packages are useless when network coverage is faint or unstable. Bearing this fact in mind, MTN Nigeria hasn’t only reduced its call rates and data charges, it has also deployed the best technologies to make sure the remotest parts of Nigeria is covered, this way guaranteeing subscriber loyalty.
To check your balance on MTN dial *556# Now, quit searching for articles on the cheapest MTN Nigeria tariff plan, try any of the cheap tariff plans I discussed above (because they are the available best right now) and join me as I enjoy all the bonuses and freebies that come with them.
There are always going to be a number tariff plans to choose from. Stay informed; keep your ears to the ground. You can ask your friends and neighbours about their experiences and share them with us. Go ahead and try some of these out for yourself. And have fun with it!



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