How to do data transfer on all network

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How to transfer & share data on MTN, Airtel 9mobile & Glo
In this post I will show you how to transfer & share data on MTN, Airtel 9mobile & Glo. Sometimes people sell their data when they cannot exhaust it before the expiry date, while some share or transfer data to their friends or loved ones to help them or save them money.
Luckily, all networks in Nigeria allow their subscribers to share or transfer data they purchased to their friends and well-wishers, so you can use this service on MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile, and Glo Network respectively.
The information in this post will help you understand that millions of network subscribers are looking for a way to transfer data between each other.
Millions of Nigerians share their data bundle, either because of love or to make money. All network operators in Nigeria allow the service of sharing data bundles among their subscribers.
Glo introduced an online portal you can use to share your data bundles but the issue there is that, it doesn’t give out the data bundles though it does share from one SIM.
Sharing of data bundle isn’t allowed on MTN network if the data bundle is not your monthly MB like 250MB.
I want you to note that no Nigeria Network will allow you to transfer data to another separate network.
We have seen so far the possibility and popularity of sharing data whether you are on Glo, Airtel, 9mobille, and MTN network.
A guide on how to share data with another on the major networks in Nigeria has been prepared to show you everything you need to know.
Follow these simple steps to know how to transfer or share data MB on MTN, GLO, 9Mobile and Airtel:
How to do MTN data Transfer
If you would like to know how to transfer or share MB data plans from one MTN line to another the easy way, then you must follow certain procedures to make that happen.
Step one:
The first requirement is that you must have enough data that is not less than 10MB.
Step two:
Dial *131*2# and follow instructions.
Step three:
Input 0000 as your default PIN or change to a new PIN you wish to use to complete the action to avoid others from transferring your Data MB to their own line without your permission.
How to Transfer Data From Airtel to Airtel
Airtel is among the most popular mobile telecommunications in Nigeria that offer different data plans and also allows their customers to share data among themselves without too much stress.
Previously, you could only share Airtel Data Me2U between 10MB and 6MB, but now Airtel allows sharing up to 2000MB (2GB). You can imagine sharing Airtel data with your family and friends that use Airtel network.
How to Share
Dial *175*5# then option 2(Data Me2U), input number to share bundle with, input volume bundle to share and finally click ‘send’ to complete the process.
How to Transfer Data From 9Mobile to 9Mobile Network
9Mobile, which is popularly known as Etisalat Nigeria, offers their customers the opportunity to share data among themselves.
Moreblaze data sharing, which is the name of 9mobile data share, has been made simple that one customer can share data with another customer.
9mobile data sharing differs from other networks and has the following sharing plans:
Moreblaze family plans
With this quick and simple sharing plan, your entire family can enjoy the speed of moreblaze. Just choose who you want to add to the plan and how much data to give them; even family members will have access to the same data amount with each auto-renewal.
Dial *917# or *200# to subscribe for family plan, and then choose option 3 for data. Select option 5 to buy data bundle and then share your data.
Data Balance Transfer
You can send some data to a friend, and as long as you have at least 100MB of data you can make transfer of data from your bundle.
Sharing data on 9mobile works exactly as airtime transfer and you can send between 10MB and 50MB in each transaction up to five times a day.
To transfer data, dial *229*PIN*volume of MB*recipient’s number# i.e. *229*0000*40*08097656584#.
Multi-device Plan
9mobile’s multi-device plan was created to help you get data for up to four more devices with a single plan for your smartphone, when you use the internet on more than one device.
Using multi-device plan requires that you buy larger data plans in order to get more data for your money. When you use multi-device you no longer need wifi hotspot, which runs down your battery.
Your main smartphone, which is your primary device, is used to set up other secondary devices. Your primary SIM should be kept in your blackberry phone, if you usually subscribe to 9mobile blackberry plan.
You will need new, non-activated data SIMs to complete the process. Ensure that you make a note of your PUC (Personal Unlocking Code) from the SIM card frame.
To opt in, dial *215*pin*1*newnumber*newpuk# or send “add newnumber,1,PIN,newpuk” to 215.
For subsequent SIM, replace ‘1’ with ‘2’, ‘3’ or ‘4’. The PIN is the personal security code of the main SIM.
While your default PIN is 0000, you can make a note of your PUK (Personal Unlocking Code) from the SIM card frame (secondary SIM).
How to Share Data From Glo to Glo Line Easily
Glo allows you to share data plans with friends, family and loved ones. Instead of buying five different data plans, you can buy a data plan and share with your wife and 3 kids. They all get notified via SMS with instant access to the internet.
How it works
To add people to share, dial *127*01*(friend’s number)# or send “Share (friend’s number)” to 127. For example, dial *127*01*08057985347# or send “Share 08057985347” to 127.
To remove people from sharing, dial *127*02*(friend’s number)# or send “Remove (friend’s number)” to 127. For example, dial *127*02*08057985347# or send “Remove 08057985347” to 127.
To display a list of people sharing your subscription, dial *127*00# or send “List” to 127.
Some people think that transferring data is not possible, but they don’t know that it is as easy as transferring airtime.
In this post, we have come to make you believe that transferring data is possible and easy on major network companies in Nigeria.



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