Reasons You Should Not Drink Water While Eating; here are 4 surprising reasons

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One of the most common sights you see on a daily basis is drinking water in between meals. While some people think it is necessary to have a glass of water with your meals, this habit could be highly damaging to your health.

 Here are six reasons why you should stop drinking water along with your meals.

Makes digestion difficult

Your stomach contains digestive acids that help in the digestion and breakdown of food. Apart from this, the acids are also responsible for killing any infectious agents that might be ingested along with food. These digestive enzymes are essential for our overall well-being as they also allow the stomach to contract and pulverize the food we eat. 

Makes you add weight

Drinking water with your meals is the fact that you do tend to put on weight. There is a surge in insulin levels and the food is broken down to make fat which is stored. Apart from that, it is believed that a weak digestive system is one of the leading reasons for obesity.

Reduces amount of saliva

Your saliva is the first step to digestion. Not only does it contain enzymes that help break down food, but it also helps stimulate the stomach to release digestive enzymes and ready itself for the process of digestion. When you drink water during your meals, your saliva gets diluted. This not only sends weaker signals to the stomach but also stops the breakdown of food in your mouth.

Increases the amount of insulin in your body

Drinking water while you are eating can also lead to an increase in your insulin levels. This is because when your body is not able to digest foods well enough it tends to convert the glucose filled part of that food into fat and stores it. This process then requires a surge of insulin in the body increasing your overall blood sugar levels.




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