Dear Struggling Guys Please Avoid These Bad Habits

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Listed below are the things you should avoid if you are still struggling to make it ;

1. Don’t Go Broke Trying To Look Rich:

Some of us just want to show off to friends and prove a point to the opposite sex. To delude the people we are worth a million dollars, we place our lives in perpetual poverty.

We make it hard for us to have a better tomorrow by faking our today. And we are struggling! What’s the point of wearing an attire of the super rich when you are starving of hunger?

What is the point of using an iPhone, for show off, when that bank account is empty? Priorities and opportunity costs should be your watchword. How will buying that phone help your struggle?

2. Stop Spending Money On Brothels:

Your salary is 40K but you spend about 15k on brothels and call girls every month. You are left with 25k which you channel to other counterproductive areas like shoes, make up and pimping your room.

You say you want a bright future but you spend about half of your earnings seeing women of easy virtues. A man doesn’t get rich by wasting money on harlots and brothels.

Your life won’t take a positive leap until you plan it. Their are so many jobless young men around looking for what you have but there you are with nothing to show. Not a dime in the account. Not an improvement in your educational level. Not an improvement in your mind or means to plan any tomorrow.

3. Have A Plan:

Having a sound plan is the most important aspect of getting out of that dungeon. Without it, even if your pay for a month’s job is at one million naira, you’d still squander it and have a less meaningful life. You can write your goals and dreams down.

You can write down your plans and work on them as life, hard work and nature grants you access to the means to actualize them. Been poor and dumb is double tragedy.

You can’t be poor and stupid at the same time if you want to get out of that hole. You can’t be poor in finance and poor in sense. No struggling young man with the two ever left that struggling zone. If you are not smart you should keep a smart cycle.

4. You Can Start Small:

Yes, you can start small. You can’t be waiting for that Shell interview or manna to fall down from heaven while you kill time doing nothing.

That 30k job is not bad if you can survive on it. That 20k job is not bad if it keeps you busy, productive and learning. If the experience is big, don’t look at the little pay.

If your body and soul, which you are trying to keep intact, is not shattered by the job, do it. Drop that pride that hasn’t helped anyone.

If you look at it critically, their is really no poor works but works with poor packaging. You can even package ‘poo business’ and you become Gold. The man who owned the construction company could have decided to remain a mason. It is in your mind.

5. Stop Keeping Multiple Girlfriends

The truth is, a guy who is really serious about getting himself out of the poverty line shouldn’t be playing with women. Keeping different contacts. Different stories. And a continuous manufacturing of lies shouldn’t be his forte. You don’t need such distractions if you want to survive.

Of course, contrary to claims made by some of our ladies today, you can have one but she must be a friend in every sense of the word.

Like all real friends, she ought to support you, comfort you, help you and vice versa. You don’t need the sort of friend, girlfriend in this case, who only remembers you when she needs money or want her needs satisfied.

You don’t need any selfish friend in your life. You need an empathic friend. A true friend not a bedmate. Know the difference.

6. Cut Down On Parties:

What exactly are you looking for? To get high on weed, drugs or some drink? Is that your priority? If No, what then are you doing every evening, the means to your dreams emptied in a cup, you drink and gyrate to the high life. You can have fun but don’t be silly about it.

You can drink your favorite drink even in your living rooms. The temptations you encounter in those parties is not healthy for a struggling guy like you. Remember you are trying to break out of that poverty chain but here you are trying to add more chain.

You are trying to strangle thoughts of brokenness with delusions of merriment. Their is merriment but in your case, their is an elephant in the room that will always dwarf the lifespan of that merriment.

You don’t need all those shows. You don’t have to go see the musicians perform anytime they are around. You don’t need such milking of your flabby dairy. You can go to self development programs and many of them are free.

7. Networking Is Good For You:

Communication is very important at this stage of development. Getting to know people and associations is not a bad thing. You shouldn’t sit in one place and lament about your sorry state or try garner sympathy by telling how the world has ganged up against you.

If the environment is not conducive or doesn’t seem to be interested in liberating you from the shackles of poverty, change environment. It is very hard to leave an environment you’ve known for a very long time. It is very hard to move to an unfamiliar place where you know no one.

But if you really desire a change it is time to leave your comfort zone. Their is no point in staying in a place that has not changed your situation if their are higher chances in another place. It is time to break free of that bond holding you down.

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