FIRS recruitment 2017 requirements and application guide

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From this article, people interested in securing jobs in
the FIRS can learn everything they need to know about FIRS recruitment 2017 and available vacancies that suit them. A lot of reforms have been implemented by the government since July, which now gives you a real chance to make your life better by working with the FIRS.

What is FIRS?
Federal Inland Revenue Service was founded in 1943. It was created on the basis of the internal revenue service, which belonged to West Africa during the colonial period. The mission of the institution is to create an efficient and honest system with an orderly collection of taxes and voluntary compliance with legislative rules.
The organisation deals with taxpayers, provides them with quality service and interacts with interested parties.
What are the purposes of FIRS recruitment?
In accordance with the words of the Minister of Finance, the state authorities were supposed to offer work to 75,000 graduates and 5,000 persons who have graduated from educational institutions earlier, as Community Tax Liaison Officers. The purpose of this action is to increase the number of taxpayers and awareness of citizens in the country.
The organization plans to achieve the following objectives:Optimize the consideration of tax decrees;One-time use of rules, laws, and circulars;Monitoring of employees evaluating small businesses, problems of individuals, property, partners and maintaining a trusting relationship;Conduct effective investigations concerning small companies;Follow up with challenges through the appeal.
FIRS Nigeria recruitment 2017 requirements
To stand a chance to work with the FIRS, you must meet the following requirements:
High level of personal discipline and good sociable skills. In different situations, you will have to represent your team and support its activities in the public and international arena.Ideally, you should have a clear understanding of business and commerce, know various strategies for obtaining income and details of tax accounting.You must be able to organize your work. Of course, at the initial stage you will be supervised by mentors, but in the end, you are to show complete independence. A candidate should have a motivation for quality work, and the ability to accomplish the tasks assigned to him exactly at the appointed time.In this work, it is also important to determine priorities correctly; a candidate should solve the most important tasks first using the necessary resources and turn ideas into practical actions.You will have to analyze business accounts of various sizes, identify gaps in transactions and interpret accounts.Identify compliance and noncompliance with actual standards in procedures and processes.The use of initiative is welcomed in the organization. So, if you can offer ways to improve work, that will be a plus. At the same time, you must take responsibility for the results, calculate all factors in advance and apply the necessary actions for transformations.Officers must constantly be at their workplaces, changing the environment for the better.
Required skills and qualifications for Federal Inland Revenue Service recruitment
Community Tax Liaison Officers will perform the functions of peculiar regulators ensuring compliance with laws. To become one of them you should meet these requirements:
Masters or Bachelors degree in accounting, statistics, economics, engineering, law, finance, banking, computer science, geology and other disciplines of similar fields.A Higher National Diploma in accounting, informatics, economics, engineering, statistics, banking, geology, finance and other disciplines in similar fields.One of the most important requirements is excellent computer skills. You must be a confident user, work well with office programs and internet applications to effectively provide services.A good candidate is one who is able to manage and guide. These posts are created for team players who can interact with other employees and delegate authority.In addition, you must be a good analyst who is able to understand all details thoroughly.It is important to know the legislative rules relating to taxation in Nigeria and apply them correctly.You should have information about the industry and business environment that taxpayers face.Candidates with benevolent friendly character are needed.You also should have an unblemished criminal history and good labour history without layoffs.If you have successes and achievements at the previous places of work, they should be mentioned, since such details will bring serious advantages.Take care that information about your achievements should not be unfounded. Provide real records that capture achievement of your goals.Also, the desire to improve yourself and gain new knowledge is important.A new employee should not lose his composure in complicated situations. It is important to quickly solve emerging problems, eliminate inconsistencies and contentious issues.
Also, applicants must:
Have an exemption certificate or NYSC Discharge.Pass certification on mental fitness for work. This conclusion should be made by the doctor of the public hospital (national or federal department).Provide contact information for communication with a former employer, close relative and educational institution. It will be used to obtain confidential information about your abilities, behavior and character.Have certificates of local authorities and the state of origin, on which there must be a signature of the secretary or the chairman of the administration. Please note that the verification will not be successful with documents signed by the representatives of liaison offices.
How to apply?
You can go through this procedure on the Internet. To do this, simply visit their official website This is a fairly straightforward process, just follow the instructions when completing the application.All applicants must choose only one position, otherwise your candidacy will not be considered and you will be disqualified.After filling the form, you will receive a confirmation with your personal number, which will be used in all subsequent operations.The commission will narrow the circle of candidates and invite only the most promising ones for an interview.
We hope you understood everything and are ready to start your journey to a successful career. Good luck!
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