How to show only post title in blogger without editing html

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want to show only post titles in blogger home page? see how you can do it without editing html

When I made my debut blog post, I was seriously disappointed by the fact that everything showed on my home page (this wasn’t what I see on other blogs that I used to read). Men, it made my blog very ugly so I started looking for a way to show only post title on my home page but the only solution I could get from other blogs was to edit my templates html. That wasn’t what I needed; I tried it any way but I was smart enough to create a new blog which I used for the setup but the result I got was nothing to write about, maybe it was because I was still a novice who knew nothing about html but that first impression makes me runaway from anything that has to do with editing html (am a blogger, not a programmer!). I kept on searching for a solution till I stumbled upon a post about ‘jump break’; though the use of ‘jump break’ in the post was directed to showing the post title and some lines from the body. I later learnt to use the jump break to show only the post title and am going to teach you how to do the same; but before then, let’s look at some of the benefits of showing only post title on your home page;
i.                     Your blog will look simple and beautiful
ii.                   It makes your blog look more professional: this can be of great help if you are looking out for people to hire you, nobody hires an inexperienced blogger for any job.
iii.                  It makes your blog easy to navigate through.
iv.                 You’ll also stand a chance to gain more returning readers.
v.                   It’s also SEO friendly.
Having talked about the benefits, let us now discuss how to make this a reality.
Whenever you make a new post, direct your cursor to the beginning of the write up and click on the jump break so that the jump break line will be at the top part of the post. Publish your post and view your homepage.
show only post title on home page
Simple isn’t it? Don’t forget to share, it may be exactly what your friends need to read.
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