How to schedule a post in blogger

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want to schedule a post in blogger? see how

One of the thing that can make you establish authority as a blogger is regular blog update. There are times when you will not be able to make updates to your blog due to one thing or the other, but with blog scheduling, you can set your article to be published on a set date; it will be published automatically at the specified time without you being online. In this post I’ll show you exactly how you can schedule your post on the blogger platform but first, let us see the reasons/benefits of post scheduling;
i.                     It helps to manage time and cost
ii.                   Looks more professional to publish your posts at a stated time so, scheduling your post to auto-publish at that time will help you become a more professional blogger in the sight of your readers.
iii.                  To get more engagements: when you publish your post at the time you promised your readers you will, it will gain more engagement than any other. Your blog will be more of a class room, you will be surprised to see that a lot of readers will be online waiting for your update at that time and by so doing, your blog is likely to gain more engagement compared to others.
iv.                 Targeting a different time zone: post scheduling is very important when you target an audience from another part of the world with a different time zone; there will be a need for you to schedule your posts to the time that will be convenient to your audience (which may not be convenient to you.
v.                   Busy with offline jobs: you may not be able to publish blog posts on daily basis if you have an offline job; mostly during the week days, writing when less busy and scheduling to be published during the time they are supposed to could be a great solution.
Having discussed the benefits of post scheduling above, let’s now talk about how to schedule your blog posts.
When you make a new post you wish to schedule for posting, simply scroll to the right; you will see the ‘schedule’ option just below the label’s as shown above, click on it and set your desired date and time for publishing. Click ‘done’ move up and publish your post. Simple, isn’t it?
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