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Struggling to find success, a former wrestling prodigy finds himself ready to quit until he reencounters an old friend who reignites his passion.

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Episode 1: Ssireum Prodigy, Kim Baek-du

Feeling despondent about his footing in the ssireum world, Kim Baek-du competes in a new tournament and comes up against a formidable opponent.

Episode 2: There's Something About Oh Du-sik

Baek-du runs across an old acquaintance who continues to insist that he never knew him. But he subsequently witnesses her ascend to the position of team manager and pieces together her identity.

Episode 3: Du-sik Is Not Her Name

No longer a wrestler, Baek-du contemplates other career paths; after the coach suddenly quits the team, Oh Yu-gyeong tries to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 4: I Know What You Did That Day

Kwak Jin-su wrestles Baek-du in a ssireum match for the position of coach; however, the match is interrupted by the police, who take Baek-du away for questioning.

Episode 5: Kim Baek-du, I See Right Through You

After seeing through Yu-gyeong's ruse, Baek-du rejoins the ssireum team; they later pay a visit to Lim Dong-seok to investigate the former coach.

Episode 6: What Cannot Be Hidden

Baek-du is preparing for a match while the investigation is still going on. But Yu-gyeong defends Baek-du when Jin-su abruptly stops mentioning him.

Episode 7: New Day, New Incident

Baek-du experiences several roadblocks as he tries to make his upcoming competition and during his matches, he can't stop thinking about Yu-gyeong.

Episode 8: Remember, Don't Remember

After 20 years, Yu-gyeong meets with Joo Mi-ran to talk through unsolved business; while drunkenly catching up with Yu-gyeong, Baek-du makes a move.

Episode 9: All That We Have Lost

Ready to share more information, Mi-ran pays a visit to Yu-gyeong and Baek-du. Rumours of a scandal between Yu-gyeong and Baek-du circulate around town.

Episode 10: Endlessly Tangled, Persistently Intertwined

Baek-du awaits Yu-gyeong's response after a momentous confession. Meanwhile, several old friends begin to figure out Yu-gyeong's true identity.

Episode 11: The Culprit Lives Among Us

Old friends join forces to find the culprit hiding in their town. But when they hit a standstill, Mi-ran sets herself up as bait, much to her risk.

Episode 12

With Mi-ran in danger, Yu-gyeong races to save her; Baek-du gives it his all in the tournament, hoping a win will secure a spot in Yu-gyeong's heart.



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