A Shop for Killers (S01) | Korean K-Drama Series + English subtitle

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The deadly secret unfolds. The fight for survival begins.

Ji-an discovers her uncle's mysterious shopping mall and is attacked by unidentified individuals seeking his supplies after his sudden death.

Episode 1: S01E01 Murthehelp
Jian, who is helplessly attacked in her own home, dodges the flying bullets.

Episode 2: S01E02 Jeong Jin Man, Jeong Jin Man, Jeong Jin Man
Jin Man receives an unexpected call; Jian, who is alone at home, is pursued by unidentified men.

Episode 3: S01E03 The Strong Don't Howl
Ji-an finds herself in danger as she searches for a rescue phone in the mountains to save Jin-man.

Episode 4: S01E04 The Shopping Mall
Ji-an and Jeong-min flee from the killers and meet Brother in the underground shopping mall.

Episode 5: S01E05 Babylon
Ji-an gets angry as she watches Jin-man on the screen, and Jeong-min points a gun at Ji-an's head.

Episode 6: S01E06 Jeong Jin-man
Jin-man, who was once a mercenary of a large company, Babylon, suffers from the truth he learns.

Episode 7: S01E07 Trap
Bale, who was presumed to be dead, begins his revenge, and Jin-man fights back to protect Ji-an.
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Episode 8: S01E08 Listen Up, Ji-an
Killers close in on Jin-man's house. Ji-an prepares for the final duel on her own.
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