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Yuan Tiangang was born to give up his life. After his family died, he came to Tibetan Soldier Valley to seek refuge with his uncle. When he was 15 years old, the world was in chaos. The Tiangbing Valley, which was responsible for guarding the Longyuan Sword, was brutally massacred by the Earth Demons. When he opened his eyes again, he saw only mountains full of tombs. From then on, he decided to gamble with fate, learned the art of fortune-telling by weighing bones, and became a killer, specializing in killing people who should not be killed. At the age of 35, in a small town on the northwest border, I met Huanyin, the innkeeper who hired murderers. Huanyin assassinated Li Yuan and was outnumbered. When Yuan Tiangang came to the rescue, he met his old friend Li Chunfeng. From then on, Long Yuan reappeared in the world, and the identity of Yuan Tiangang's guardian was also made public. Should he shoulder the responsibility of protecting the dynasty, or should he return to the world and become a chivalrous and righteous person? The story of bad handsome man is unfolding...Times Literary Press Yuan Tiangang Biography is the result of many years of refinements of history. for the first time to deduce Yuan Tiangang mysterious life unravel this history various...




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