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We found love in a silent world.

It will depict the story of a deaf man who is comfortable with expressing emotions through pictures instead of words and a woman who expresses what's in her heart through her voice. Jung Woo Sung will play the role of Cha Jin Woo, the deaf person who showcases his feelings through photos. Shin Hyun Bin will give life to the character named Jung Mo Eun. She has high self-respect and is carefree. She is easygoing despite lots of prejudices in the world.

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Episode 1: E01 · Greet

Moeun, an aspiring actress, crosses paths with Jinwoo in Jeju. However, Moeun gets Jinwoo wrong and thinks he keeps ignoring her, while Jinwoo also gets offended by Moeun's rude behaviours.

Episode 2: E02 · Chord

Jinwoo and Moeun meet again in Seoul. Jinwoo teaches art at an art centre, and Moeun works part-time at a café nearby. They try to get to know each other better, but Jinwoo likes paintings while Moeun likes music, and they speak different languages.

Episode 3: E03 · Tears

Jinwoo and Moeun get closer slowly; when Moeun reads an interview in the art center newsletter, she sympathizes with the sense of alienation Jinwoo must have felt living around people who can hear, and it breaks her heart.

Episode 4: E04 · Empathy

In the middle of the night, Jinwoo gets a call and leaves without telling Moeun; Moeun worries as he doesn't return for his lectures at the art centre.

Episode 5: E05 · Regards

Jin-woo goes to the theatre to root for Mo-eun. The play ends well, and her feelings for him get bigger and bigger. She promises to lend him the script since he saw the play without hearing any lines.

Episode 6: E06 · Companion

When Seokyung shows up unannounced, Jinwoo feels confused; when Jinwoo visits Johan's studio to deliver his painting, he realizes belatedly that it is Moeun's birthday and prepares a surprise present.

Episode 7: E07 · Beginning

After realizing their feelings for one another, Jinwoo and Moeun start a relationship; when Johan hears that Moeun is dating someone, he's curious to know if the rumor is true; Seokyung feels sorry for Jinwoo and makes him an offer.

Episode 8: E08 · Influence

Seokyung suggests Jinwoo hold a solo exhibition; as Johan learns Moeun loves Jinwoo for who he is, Johan realizes that he loves her as more than a friend; when Modam confesses his feelings for Jiyu, she tries to brush it off as a joke.

Episode 9: E09 · Reasons

After Jinwoo runs into Moeun's parents, he goes to Kihyun's bar with a heavy heart; while Jipyeong and Aesook try to act calm about Jinwoo's impairment for fear of hurting Moeun's feelings, they eventually tell her what they feel at the bus terminal.

Episode 10: E10 · Courage

Moeun gets cast as a key supporting role in a drama show, and Johan takes part in it as a music director; their days get busy, with Jinwoo preparing for his exhibition and Moeun with her drama.

Episode 11: E11 · Desire

As the exhibition is about to open, the police suddenly rush in and arrest Jinwoo; upon hearing the news, Moeun rushes to the police station and happens to see Jinwoo and Seokyung arguing; Jinwoo tells Moeun the secrets he's been hiding.

Episode 12: E12 · Secrets

Moeun feels there is no room for her between Jinwoo and Seokyung; Johan takes depressed Moeun to her parents' house and comes to hear her secrets; when Jinwoo's solo exhibition comes to an end, an unexpected visitor arrives.

Episode 13: E13 · Confession

Jinwoo and Moeun try to clear all the misunderstandings, but the conflicts between them deepen.

Episode 14: E14 · Reminiscence

Moeun accidentally sees Seokyung's text messages to Jinwoo. She asks Seokyung to meet her.

Episode 15: Come to an end

Jin-woo and Mo-eun feel distant from each other. They try to get close again, but it is not easy.

Episode 16: Sympathy

Jin-woo and Mo-eun realize belatedly that they learned true love through their time together.



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