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A gang leader tries to keep a promise made to his dying friend and takes on the other criminal gangs.

The most violent men called one man the most violent

In the city of Khansaar, Raja Mannar plans to make his son, Vardharaja Mannar his successor, but Raja Mannar's ministers and advisors plan a coup d'état by hiring armies from Russia and Serbia to attack and kill Vardha and Raja. Vardha, along with his brother and a few trusted men, manage to escape from Khansaar. Vardha goes to his childhood best friend, Deva, who learns about his predicament and sets out to make him the undisputed successor of Khansaar.

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In the aftermath of the voting, armies from Serbia, Austria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Russia, and South Sudan converged with the aim of seizing the throne. Meanwhile, Vardha sought refuge with Deva in Bharucha, Gujarat, enduring humiliation from the Doras and their henchmen in Khansaar.

Despite enduring mistreatment, Deva, residing in Bharucha, re-entered Khansaar. Eventually, he stood up against the injustice by fighting and defeating Vishnu, the son of Narang, one of the Doras. This act, spurred by Bhaarava, shifted the dynamics during the trial, leading Deva to behead Narang for mistreating Vardha. The ensuing chaos resulted in the apprehension of Vardha, Deva, and their associates.

During the decisive voting, Raja Mannar's return led to an unexpected turn as he voted for the ceasefire, supporting Vardha. However, Vardha's deciding vote terminated the ceasefire, triggering a scramble for the throne. Vardha, after overcoming challenges orchestrated by Ranga with Deva's assistance, escaped prison and killed Ranga.

Revelations unfolded as Raja Mannar disclosed Bhaarava's true identity and his vendetta against the genocide of the Shouryaanga tribe in 1985. Rudra aligned with his maternal uncle, Om, for the throne, while Bhaarava and the surviving Shouryaanga tribesmen sought vengeance. Dheru, a captured associate, unveiled Deva's true lineage as Devaratha Raisaar, the son of Dhaara Raisaar, the Shouryaanga tribe chief destined to be Khansaar's next king in 1985.

Simultaneously, Vardha addressed Deva as his Salaar, unaware that he was a Shouryaanga tribesman, a fact discovered by Deva's loyalists.

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