He is Psychometric (S01) | Korean K-Drama Series + English subtitle

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 Lee An (Jin Young) has a special psychometry ability. Whenever he touches someone, he can read that person’s memory. Using his psychometry ability, Lee An wants to take out evil people in the world. Unlike his handsome appearance, he is not smart at all

Episode 1

A new murder case involving a fire appears to have similarities to one from Kang Seong-mo and Lee An's past. Meanwhile, Yoon Jae-in follows a peeping Tom.
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Episode 2

Lee An fights to prevent his expulsion from school, and finds an unexpected ally in Jae-in. Meanwhile, Eun Ji-su finds a break in the murder case.
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Episode 3

Keeping the truth about her family hidden from her classmates, Jae-in heads to her part-time job; another victim appears in Seong-mo and Ji-su's investigation.
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Episode 4

Two years later, Jae-in is working as a police officer, while Lee An is attempting to become one; Ji-su lets Seong-mo know about her blind date.
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Episode 5

Jae-in hesitates when asked for a favour and needs convincing. Lee An notices that Seong-mo is being followed by someone.
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Episode 6

A mystery surrounding a dead woman has the police stumped and in need of clues; Jae-in gets to work on helping Lee An hone his abilities.
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Episode 7

When Jae-in receives bad news, Lee An provides her comfort; Seong-mo's family photo disappears; the investigation kicks into high gear.
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Episode 8

As the case becomes more complicated and perilous, Seong-mo pushes Ji-su to walk away from it; the mysterious stalker continues to observe.
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Episode 9

Ji-su wonders if the police were wrong about the apartment fire; Lee An suspects something about Seong-mo; Jae-in goes on a date.
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Episode 10

Lee An and Jae-in struggle with a devastating revelation; Ji-su learns what Seong-mo has been hiding, but can't seen to reach him.
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Episode 11

Lee An races to save Jae-in; Ji-su struggles to keep up with Seong-mo, who comes to the realisation that his secrets will soon be out in the open.
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Episode 12

The truth about Seong-mo's past are revealed; Lee An and Jae-in search for more clues; Ji-su demands answers from her father about the apartment fire investigation.
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Episode 13

Ji-su makes her way to the subway station, where Seong-mo comes face-to-face with Kang Geun-taek; a startling vision leaves Lee An in shock.
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Episode 14

In an attempt to uncover the truth, Lee An uses his powers, but is unsure what to believe; Seong-mo gets back at Geun-taek.
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Episode 15

While the police watch over Seong-mo, the prosecutor's office steps in on their investigation; Lee An attempts to track down Geun-taek.
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Episode 16 (END)

Lee An discovers Seong-mo waiting for him at the old apartment building, where he learns the full story; Jae-in breaks some news to her father.
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