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 Soo-Yeol (Lee Dong-Wook) works as a police officer for the Mooui Police Department. He is competent at his job, but he also has questionable ethics. He will do anything to achieve success. Due to his ambitious personality, he has received promotions in a short period of time. His smooth life suddenly changes with the appearance of K (Wi Ha-Joon). K is a righteous person, but also a crazy person. Whenever he faces injustice, he meets it with a fist. He dreams of being a hero.

Meanwhile, Hee-Gyeom (Han Ji-Eun) works as a police lieutenant on the drug squad at the Mooui Police Department. She is also a righteous person and enthusiastic at her job. She once dated Soo-Yeol.

Bad and crazy Season 1

Episode 1

After getting an officer suspended from service, Ryu Su-yeol gets a step closer to a promotion; Oh Gyeong-tae looks for a young girl's missing mom.

Episode 2

Su-yeol retraces Gyeong-tae's steps while tracking down the man in the helmet. Lee Hui-gyeom goes after a necklace that may hold crucial evidence.

Episode 3

Su-yeol falls from Do Yu-gon's good graces; while searching for the necklace at home, Su-yeol finds a collection of objects that are not his.

Episode 4

After ensuring Gyeong-tae's safety, Su-yeol pulls a dirty move; with Kim Gye-sik back on the force, the narcotics unit tracks down a street drug.

Episode 5

Su-yeol searches high and low to prove Hui-gyeom's innocence. However, the deeper he dives into the case, the closer he comes to falling into a trap.

Episode 6

Su-yeol teams up with K to investigate quietly and uncover the opponent's weakness. Meanwhile, the body count continues to grow.

Episode 7

Su-yeol and Hui-gyeom shift focus to the head of the drug cartel; Ms. Yong threatens the police to get the seized assets back in her hands.

Episode 8

Su-yeol learns that K is closely linked to his childhood trauma. A girl shows up at the police station, delirious and covered in someone else's blood.

Episode 9

When bits of his memory return, Su-yeol reexamines the murder of his father. Finding similar cases, he learns one person was involved in all of them.

Episode 10

As the identity of X comes to light, his deranged schemes pick up pace. He comes between Su-yeol and K by revealing K's murderous instincts.

Episode 11

Su-yeol visits Shin Ju-hyeok to seek treatment, but unleashes a very angry K instead; a victim opens up after an attempted suicide.

Episode 12 (END)

Su-yeol's hunt for the truth endangers those around him. He has a final face-off with the crazed killer at the place where it all began.





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