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 Yoon Jae-Hee (Soo-Ae) is the second daughter-in-law of the chaebol family who runs the Sungjin Group. She works at art gallery Space Jin. In the past, she had a boyfriend she dated for years, but she dumped him to marry Jung Joon-Hyeok (Kim Kang-Woo). Jung Joon-Hyeok was born out of wedlock to the chaebol family.

Yoon Jae-Hee wants to make her husband the South Korean president. For that, she cooperates with the next public prosecutor general and she begins a war against her in-laws.

Season 1

A mystery psychological thriller drama that depicts characters with various desires and different psychology, and their tangled relationships against the backdrop of a society that conceals their dark sides and is maintained through someone’s sacrifice.

Episode 1

E01 · Episode 1
Jae-hee, the second daughter-in-law of Sungjin Group, begins to have provocative dreams. She plans to make her husband, Jun-hyuk, the president and take over the highest power in Korea.

Episode 2

E02 · Episode 2
Han-suk holds the secret surrounding the death of Min-seon. Jae-hee, with the help of Jeong-ho, begins to dig into the background of the case.

Episode 3

E03 · Episode 3
When Jung Joon-hyuk steps into the Blue House for the first time and Yoon Jae-hee smiles triumphantly, Seo Han-sook cannot hide her disdain in front of her. In response, Lee Joo-yeon makes a thorough plan through Han-suk to properly destroy Jae-hee.

Episode 4

E04 · Episode 4
Han-suk promises a position as Artspace Jin's representative to Jae-hee; Jae-hee is taken aback when she sees Lee-seol showing interest in her husband, Jun-hyuk.

Episode 5

E05 · Episode 5
Jae-hee tries hard to ignore Jung-ho, who has questions about Young-joo Noh's death; Jae-hee discovers a shocking video in Sungjin's secret file.

Episode 6

E06 · Episode 6
Jae-hee is convinced that someone is involved in Noh Young-joo's death; Jae-hee makes a plan to destroy Kang-hyun, who is blocking her path.

Episode 7

E07 · Episode 7
Jae-hee decides to retaliate against Kang-hyun and reopens Noh Young-joo's case; Joo-yeon tries to make things worse between Jae-hee and Jun-hyuk; Dong-min develops feelings for Lee-seol and tells Jun-hyuk.

Episode 9

E09 · Episode 9
Jae-hee visits the bereaved families of the Hyeongsan-dong tragedy. Her decision to meet the family members affects Jun-hyuk's approval rating and shakes up the presidential race.

Episode 10

E10 · Episode 10
Jae-hee amplifies her suspicions about Lee-seol's dark past; Jun-hyuk begins to desire Lee-seol more; Jun-hyuk answers without hesitation to a meaningful question from Lee-seol.

Episode 14

E14 · Episode 14
Han-suk reveals Jae-hee's private affairs to Pil-sung, who has already decided to join hands with Jae-hee; when public opinion turns out according to Jae-hee's will, she senses victory, but the threats against Hyun-woo soon begins to tighten her.

Episode 17

E17 · Episode 17
Kim Yi-seol, who fell for Seo Han-suk's scheme, eventually dies. In order to relieve Kim Yi-seol's unjust death, Yoon Jae-hee sets out to take revenge on Seo Han-suk and Jung Jun-hyeok.

Episode 18

E18 · Episode 18
Jae-hee becomes a slave of the Seongjin family to clear Jung-ho of the charges as a suspect in the murder case; while organising Lee-seol's belongings, Jae-hee finds an unexpected item and falls into sadness.

Episode 19

E19 · Episode 19
Jae-hee's confession, determined to reveal Seong-jin-ga's ugly true face, upsets Sung-jin-ga; Jun-hyeok clings to her to forget everything in the past and start anew; Jae-hee's eyes shake when he sees him revealing his bottom.

Episode 20 (END)

E20 · Episode 20
Jun-hyuk threatens Kang-hyun, who has joined hands with Jae-hee; Han-suk blames Jae-hee for Lee-seol's death; Jae-hee is eventually put at a crossroads of extreme choice in a cruel reality.





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