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“A Piece of Your Mind” tells the romance story between Moon Ha-Won (Jung Hae-In) and Han Seo-Woo (Chae Soo-Bin). Ha Won is an AI programmer and he is the founder of M&H Company. He is a consistent person with a good heart. Meanwhile, Han Seo-Woo works as a classical music recording engineer. Her life is unstable without a family or house, but she is a positive person.

Episode 1

While Ha-won tries to put his personality into a new AI device, he gets drawn to music coming out from the studio and meets Seo-woo by chance. Meanwhile, new studio janitor Soon-ho asks Seo-woo to buy dishes from Ji-soo.

Episode 2

Seo-woo gets curious about the relationship between Ha-won and Ji-soo but doesn't realize the man she met at the studio is Ha-won. Meanwhile, Ha-won and Ji-soo talks through the phone after 7 years. She decides to go to Oslo where she has met Ha-won.

Episode 3

After Ji-soo's accident, Ha-won falls in despair and makes an AI device with her voice. Meanwhile, Seo-woo borrows the device and tells mixed feelings about Ha-won and the device answers her that it is unrequited love.

Episode 4

Ha-won becomes closer to Seo-woo as they search for traces of Ji-soo together. While they talk to the AI device with Ji-soo's voice, Ha-won finds out that Seo-woo has feelings for him.

Episode 5

Seo-woo asks Ha-won to forget about her feelings. Ha-won succeeds in communicating with the device and tries to talk about the things he couldn't tell when Ji-soo was alive. Watching Ha-won suffer with longing, Seo-woo tells him to end his love.

Episode 6

Ha-won asks Seo-woo not to quit unrequited love and goes to the cafe where he planned to meet Ji-soo when she was alive. Then he decides to stop his feelings toward Ji-soo, bursting with his last emotions.

Episode 7

Ha-won and Seo-woo become closer as they spend more time taking care of each other. Meanwhile, Soon-ho finds out that In-wook has a secret related to Ha-won. Seo-woo visits her hometown to overcome the trauma of losing parents and Ha-won follows her.

Episode 8

Ha-won and Seo-woo slowly show love to each other. But Seo-woo feels somehow guilty thinking about Ji-soo. Meanwhile, Soon-ho starts to have feelings for In-wook as she watches him play piano at her studio.

Episode 9

Seo-woo and Ha-won happily start a new relationship. Meanwhile, after hearing wife Ji-soo's voice from the AI device, In-wook confesses his secret with Ha-won's mother to Seo-woo. Ha-won finds out that Ji-soo knew a secret about his mother's death.

Episode 10

Ha-won suggests Seo-woo to live together. Meanwhile, Ha-won realizes In-wook is Ji-soo's husband and that he is related to mother's death. He tries to confront In-wook but Soon-ho stops Ha-won to protect him.

Episode 11

Ha-won finally confronts In-wook and discovers that In-wook's lie eventually caused mother's death. In-wook reveals his feeling of inferiority over the special relationship between ha-won and Ji-soo. Sooh-ho persuades In-wook to apologize.

Episode 12 (END)

In-wook realizes that Ji-soo has always loved him. Ha-won goes to Norway to visit the graves of his mother and Ji-soo, deciding to move on from the past. Seo-woo also lets her memory with Ji-soo go. After reunion, they start a new love of their own.





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