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You're not strange. You're just special.

Children who live in hiding with superpowers, along with their parents who live with painful secrets of the past, face enormous dangers together.
Episode 1: S01E01 Senior Year
Ordinary high school student Bong-seok hides a secret.

Episode 2: S01E02 Booyang: Family Support, Levitation
Mi-hyun hides Bong-seok's superpowers, but the mysterious incidents on social media make her anxious.

Episode 3: S01E03 1+1
The closer Bong-seok grows to Hui-soo, the more risk of exposure he draws.

Episode 4: S01E04 The Secret
Bong-seok's secret is exposed and Hui-soo walks him home. Frank searches for his third target.

Episode 5: S01E05 Recall
Hui-soo assures Bong-seok that his secret is safe by revealing her own secret.

Episode 6: S01E06 Bungaeman
Jeon Gye-do's past is revealed. The NIS finds out information about Frank.

Episode 7: S01E07 The Stranger
Frank recalls his past as he eliminates his targets. After Frank's visit, Mi-hyun suppresses her son.

Episode 8: S01E08 Black
In 1994, Mi-hyun approaches black ops agent Kim Doo-sik at Min Yong-jun's orders.

Episode 9: S01E09 Humanists
Doo-sik and Mi-hyun grow closer, and Doo-sik suggests that they deceive Min Yong-jun.

Episode 10: S01E10 The Monster
Ju-won, who leads his gang with his monstrous abilities, is betrayed and becomes a fugitive.

Episode 11: S01E11 Romanticist
Ji-hee gradually opens up to Ju-won.

Episode 12: S01E12 Partners
Doo-sik shows up at Mi-hyun's apartment with a plan to escape Deputy Director Min for good.

Episode 13: S01E13 Jang Ju-won
After the Black Team disbands, Ju-won is offered a mission by Deputy Director Min to revive the team.

Episode 14: S01E14 The Idiot
Jae-man tries to save his wife with his strength and Ju-won is sent in to subdue him.

Episode 15: S01E15 N.T.D.P.
Mi-hyun and Ju-won watch the auditorium video and head to Jeongwon High, while Gye-do discovers Jun-hwa.

Episode 16: S01E16 The Man Between
With Mi-hyun's question, Il-hwan reminisces about his past.

Episode 17: S01E17 Awakening
Jun-hwa attacks Hui-soo, and Bong-seok awakens his powers to save her.

Episode 18: S01E18 South and North
Mi-hyun asks Deok-yoon where Doo-sik is, and he tells her what happened in the North.

Episode 19: S01E19 Final Battle
The fight takes a new turn with the appearance of a new North Korean superbeing, Jae-seok.

Episode 20: S01E20 Graduation Day
Parents and children fight to protect each other. Will this repeated war ever end?



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