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The family drama centers around an unmarried pregnant woman and an umarried man who enter into a false contract which leads to them to romance, pregnancy, childbirth, and childrearing.

Episode 1: S01E01 The Star Lecturer
After a lot of effort, Yeon-doo's path to becoming a star instructor finally opens up. However, her path to a successful love life crumbles. Meanwhile, the OBGYN doctor Gong Tae-kyung is pressured by his family to get married. But as he is a misogamist, he is willing to do whatever he can to go against his family's wishes.

Episode 2: S01E02 Geum-sil's Scheme
After hearing that she is pregnant, Yeon-doo becomes terrorized. For the sake of her career, she wishes to have an abortion, but it is not an easy choice to make. Meanwhile, Geum-sil officially announces the marriage between Tae-kyung and Se-jin at her birthday party. Disgusted by her intentions, Tae-kyung aggressively declares to leave the family.

Episode 3: S01E03 Yeon-doo's Dark Future
Although she plans to have an abortion anyway, Yeon-doo still feels uncomfortable knowing that one of the twins has vanished. On top of that, Ki-chang finds out about Yeon-doo's pregnancy and uses it to get rid of her from the academy. Meanwhile, In-ok packs her luggage and leaves her home. She is stressed from all that is going on in the family.

Episode 4: S01E04 A Mother's Love
After barging out of the academy, everyone in Yeon-doo's family except Bong-nim finds out that she is pregnant. Despite their concern, she is not sure whether to have an abortion or not. Meanwhile, In-ok declares that she will divorce Chan-sik. If she were to give up on either money or her child, she will gladly choose her beloved son.

Episode 5: S01E05 Se-jin and Yeon-doo
Yeon-doo has nowhere to go as she gets kicked out of her home by Bong-nim. While she wanders outside, an incident occurs that crucially needs Tae-kyung's help. Meanwhile, Tae-kyung chooses to marry Se-jin and makes it official. The two families even meet for the pre-marriage gathering to talk about the future of the new couple.

Episode 6: S01E06 The Father of the Child
Tae-kyung finds out that Se-jin is neither infertile nor the person who nursed him. Furious for falling into her trap, he declares to cut ties with her. Meanwhile, Yeon-doo's family figures out who the father of the child is. As a family, they are willing to destroy the person who has irresponsibly given such a burden to their dear Yeon-doo.

Episode 7: S01E07 I'm the Baby's Father!
Although Bong-nim is surprised at Tae-kyung's declaration of being the baby's father, she urges Yeon-doo to marry him. However, Yeon-doo can't tell Bong-nim the truth, nor can she get married. Meanwhile, Jun-ha keeps asking Yeon-doo if he is the father, and Tae-kyung faces an unexpected difficulty with the marriage he doesn't want

Episode 8: S01E08 The Wedding Ceremony
Bong-nim finds out where Tae-kyung lives and makes a scene at his place. However, despite the trouble, Tae-kyung still wants to call off the wedding and be the father of Yeon-doo's child. Meanwhile, Yu-myung comes back from overseas only to get grounded in her room. The fact that she moved in with a man got exposed to her family.

Episode 9: S01E09 Yeon Doo's Sabotage
Yeon-doo barges in during Tae-kyung and Se-jin's marriage ceremony. She did such a reckless act because she needed Tae-kyung to save her mother. Although the Gong and Jang families are in panic, Tae-kyung and Yeon-doo officially decide to start a fake relationship. Tae-kyung has to persuade his family for the approval to marry Yeon-doo.

Episode 10: S01E10 The Marriage Certificate
The two families meet one another before Yeon-doo and Tae-kyung's marriage. However, Geum-sil fakes her approval and ruins everything by bringing Se-jin to the meetup. But In-ok stands strong against Geum-sil and does not let her get what she wants. In-ok and Bong-nim do their best to make the marriage happen no matter what.

Episode 11: S01E11 The Memorial Service
Yeon-doo officially moves into the annex and lives with Tae-kyung's family. However, Geum-sil is still strongly against this relationship and considers the couple strangers. The memorial service for Chan-sik's father approaches. Due to a lack of labor, Geum-sil tests Yeon-doo to see if she deserves to be a part of the family.

Episode 12: S01E12 The Unwelcome Guest
Tae-kyung and Yeon-doo manage to get over the crisis by improvising. Hence, the birth name for Yeon-doo's baby is made. Meanwhile, Geum-sil and the family find out that Ji-myung is going to divorce Hyun-woo. However, the couple agrees on an idea that allows them to stay as a married couple but not have affection for one another.

Episode 13: S01E13 Yeon-doo's Birthday
Se-jin finds Yeon-doo's pregnancy diary and reads what's inside. Although she finds clues about Yeon-doo and Tae-kyung's fake relationship, she doesn't understand what they mean yet. Meanwhile, In-ok wishes to celebrate Yeon-doo's birthday by cooking for her. The Gong family is willing to join except for the grandmother who despises Yeon-doo.

Episode 14: S01E14 Se-jin's Scheme
Once again, Se-jin interrupts another one of Yeon-doo's events. She shows up unannounced and declares that she will not go to the US. In-ok tries to get rid of her, but Se-jin does not back off. Meanwhile, despite the arguments with Yeon-doo, Tae-kyung tries his best to be a good son-in-law and helps out with Bong-nim's restaurant opening.

Episode 15: S01E15 Couvade Syndrome
Se-jin takes Yeon-doo to the hospital and claims that she is the one who saved her. As Yeon-doo cannot remember clearly, everyone believes it. Meanwhile, Tae-kyung suffers from morning sickness out of nowhere. Although it is only temporary, Yeon-doo uses it to make it look like he is having Couvade and that it is how much he loves her.

Episode 16: S01E16 Geum-sil's Deepest Secret
The fact that Geum-sil is illiterate gets exposed to Bong-nim. As Bong-nim has experience being one, she promises to keep it a secret under some conditions. Meanwhile, Dae-sang is curious about him having a child. He goes to see a famous fortune teller but runs into Chun-myung and Soo-jung. After looking at the three of them, the fortune teller finds out something surprising.

Episode 17: S01E17 Becoming Friends
Dae-sang overhears that Tae-kyung is not Real's biological father. Instead of getting angry, he respects Tae-kyung for loving Yeon-doo to the point that he is willing to raise a child who isn't even his. Meanwhile, Tae-kyung feels bad for having to leave Yeon-doo alone after three months. He promises to help Yeon-doo out as a close friend.

Episode 18: S01E18 Tae Kyung's Heart
Yeon-Doo prepares in earnest to live alone. Seeing him like that, Tae-Kyung feels sorry for Yeon-Doo. It's hard for Yeon-Doo to understand Tae-Kyung behaving like that. Taking advantage of this situation, Se-Jin tries to separate Yeon-Doo and Tae-Kyung...

Episode 19: S01E19 Fighting Back
Granny and Cheon-Myung don't accept Tae-Kyung's son being given a share as a gift. Because of the two, Yeon-Doo asks Tae-Kyung to stay temporarily at the hotel. Yeon-Doo and Tae-Kyung feel an emptiness as they part. Meanwhile, Yeon-Doo starts to get suspicious of Se-Jin's behavior.

Episode 20: S01E20 Yeon Doo Turns Back
Tae-Kyung asks Yeon-Doo to end their contract. Yeon-Doo is shocked and both prepare to terminate the contract. Tae-Kyung suffers from not being able to speak his heart out. After saying goodbye to Tae-Kyung, Yeon-Doo returns after getting a call...

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