SHE Must Be Obeyed (2023 Series)

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The story of Victoria's insatiable ambition to rise in the entertainment industry following her training as a personal assistant to a high-powered executive.

SHE MUST BE OBEYED is a captivating series exposing the dark side of a successful Afrobeats music artist, SIYANBOLA ADEWALE (SHE), who would do anything to stay at the top. As SHE manipulates and exploits those around her, a determined group joins forces to expose her true nature, leading to a thrilling journey of deception and revenge in the music industry.

S01E01 Artiste of The Year
In the highly anticipated Nigerian Ultra Music Awards, top female artist, SHE, wows the audience with her electrifying performance. Rivals TITO and X-CITE react differently. As the night progresses, surprising events unveil SHE's true character. Meanwhile, ADAEZE mourns her father's anniversary, and VICTORIA's new job isn't what she anticipated.

S01E02 The Contract
SHE is still displeased with her loss at the NUMAs and turns to her numerous fake social media accounts to bring Tito down for winning, instead of her. Adaeze, despite possessing the key to the fame and fortune of SHE, still finds it hard to make ends meet.

S01E03 Intentions
SHE’s resolve and methods grow extreme, as her reign is being challenged. Desperate for support, SHE seeks assistance, but faces disappointing terms. Financial pressures strain relationships, as salaries go unpaid, loans are requested and secrets emerge.

S01E04 Troll Kingdom
Tito finds love but Troll Kingdom has something to say about it. SHE celebrates Tito's shame but that proves to be costly when another secret of SHE is discovered.

S01E05 Desperate & Justice
After her disgraceful videos go viral, SHE is furious with her PR team. Adaeze escapes Livinus' control but is betrayed by her friend. Meanwhile, SHE's world begins to crumble as she receives a series of negative revelations. Against all odds, SHE is determined to protect her secret. A dramatic confrontation looms.



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