Race (2023 korean Series)

Office politics take center stage for marketer Park Yoon Jo, whose lack of an academic background won't deter his dedication to his work, and the smart and just Ryu Jae Min, who lacks any expectations towards their company.


Episode 1
PR agency staff Yoon-jo gets a presentation chance from a top company, Seyong.

Episode 2
Yoon-jo's effort fails, and she moves on to another project. Seyong begins a new recruitment project.

Episode 3
Yoon-jo gets hired by Seyong through Spec-Out recruitment. The news of the new CCO makes a stir.

Episode 4
Yoon-jo is busy with the promotion of Spec-Out. Soon, an article suspecting unfair hiring is posted.

Episode 5
Yoon-jo is assailed by doubts and Jae-min tries to reveal the truth. Yi-jung calls the PR department

Episode 6
Jae-min is forced to assist Team 1. Yoon-jo takes on the cosmetics task and gets closer to Dong-hoon.

Episode 7
Yoon-jo's proposal for Celltics BI revamp shocks the company. She confesses her feelings to Jae-min.

Episode 8
Yoon-jo and Jae-min feel awkward in the TF team. Jae-min sees Dong-hoon confess his feelings to Yoon-jo.

Episode 9
A negative publicity plan concerns Yoon-jo. The CEO's social media post undermines Yi-jung's position.

Episode 10
Negative publicity gets Yoon-jo in trouble. Jae-min finds faked data and is accused of whistleblowing.

Episode 11
Jae-min and Yoon-jo meet Yi-jung at the personnel committee. Meanwhile, Jae-min has confused emotions.

Episode 12
A wind of change is blowing in Seyong. Everyone has to choose what is most important and valuable.


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