Bitch X Rich (2023 Series)

Baek Je-na is a third-generation conglomerate and a gold spoon of the highest class at Cheongdam International High School. Kim Hye-in grew up in poverty and is offered a chance to study at the Cheongdam International High School in exchange for her silence on a murder she witnessed. Cheongdam International High School is a homicide mystery that follows Je-na's rivalry with Kim Hye-in as they are pitted against each other in mental warfare.

Episode 1: Dirt Poor
Hye-in, a student of Seonwoo Girls' High School, works as a part-timer to make ends meet. One day, she gets a tutoring job for a wealthy middle schooler who wants to go to Cheongdam International High School. While her student is away, Hye-in takes a photo with the student's designer bag, and the photo goes viral.

Episode 2: The Guilty One
Hye-in starts posting more pictures taken with Na-yeon's expensive stuff. She goes overboard and even tries on Cheongdam High's uniform. Na-yeon catches her in the uniform and finds the pictures Hye-in's been uploading. Hye-in begs Na-yeon not to tell her mom about it, and Na-yeon makes Hye-in run errands for her instead.

Episode 3: The Witness
Na-yeon's family makes complaints to Hye-in's school about her forgery and fraud. Hye-in is on the verge of getting expelled, so she meets the school director of Cheongdam High and begs for mercy. There, she witnesses something she shouldn't have.

Episode 4: Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Hye-in is offered a place in Cheongdam International High School in return for keeping silent about the incident she witnessed. She buys a new pair of shoes for her new school but accidentally loses them. She runs into Je-na, who happened to be wearing the same shoes and mistakes her for a thief.

Episode 5: The Fiery Pit
Hye-in forcefully takes the designer shoes off of Je-na and hurts her without knowing who she is. Je-na is determined to make Hye-in's life miserable at school. Do-eon sees Hye-in's application for enrolment in his father's study and decides to approach her.

Episode 6: The Sorority Party
Do-eon asks Hye-in to tell him what happened on the night Hae-in fell from the rooftop. But Hye-in sets a condition in exchange for telling the truth. Hye-in gets invited to the sorority party, an exclusive party for the rich. There, she runs into Je-na again.

Episode 7: The Deal
Je-na teaches Hye-in a lesson by ruining her dress and humiliating her at the party. After finding out what happened to Hye-in, Do-eon warns Je-na to stop bullying her. But Je-na pushes Hye-in further and tells her to drop out.

Episode 8: The Part-time Job
Si-eun tells Hye-in about Lee Duk-min who lends money to the kids in urgent need of money. Hye-in ends up borrowing money from Duk-min without knowing the consequences it could bring. Meanwhile, Do-eon asks Hye-in to help him one more time...

Episode 9: Oh Si-eun's True Colours
Je-na confronts Si-eun, telling her to leave Hye-in alone, but Si-eun backs her off with the story of her brother. Hye-in is shocked to find out what Si-eun wanted in the first place, but she doesn't back down and finds a way to make it through.

Episode 10: Deja Vu (Series Finale)
So-mang catches Si-eun and Hye-in in the secluded restroom. After hearing how Si-eun blackmailed Hye-in, he promises to help her. On the day of Yul-hee and Woo-jin's anniversary, the ugly truth gets revealed. Hye-in witnesses something she shouldn't have again.


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