This man is both lucky and unlucky to have survived death 7 times

Meet Frane Selak, an 85-year-old retired music teacher from Croatia. His life story is nothing short of astonishing, a real-life rollercoaster ride of fortune and near misses that could rival the suspense of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Frane Selak's tryst with destiny began in 1962, while he was on a train journey from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik. In a chilling turn of events, the train derailed and plunged into an icy river. Miraculously, Frane emerged with just a broken arm and hypothermia, while 17 others were not as fortunate.

Not one to be deterred by this brush with death, Selak took his first plane trip in 1963, and fate intervened again. The plane's door burst open, and he was thrown out, skydiving without a parachute. Against all odds, he landed safely in a haystack, escaping with minor injuries while the plane crashed, claiming 19 lives.

In 1966, Selak survived another near-death experience when a bus he was on careened into a river, drowning four passengers. His resilience proved astonishing as he swam to safety with just cuts and bruises.

But it didn't stop there. Frane's cars seemed cursed, catching fire twice in separate incidents, one involving a dramatic explosion. Yet, each time, he managed to escape just in the nick of time.

In 1996, Selak's adventure took him to the mountains, where a head-on collision with a truck sent his car crashing through a barrier towards a 300-foot cliff. In a breathtaking feat of reflexes, he leaped out and clung to a tree, watching his car plummet below.

In a twist of fate, in 2003, the man who had faced so much adversity bought a lottery ticket and won £600,000. He decided to find happiness beyond wealth, proposing to his girlfriend, settling into a more humble life, and even giving away much of his fortune to loved ones.

Despite his incredible luck and lottery win, Selak remains humble. He believes he's not lucky to have survived these harrowing experiences but rather unlucky to have faced them in the first place. His journey has made him a symbol of resilience and a living testament to the unpredictable nature of life.

And as for an offer to star in a Doritos commercial, Frane Selak wisely declined, proving that some risks are simply not worth taking. After all, he's already had enough close calls to last a lifetime.


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