Man reunites with lost wife after 71years: The Unforgettable Reunion of Norwood and Joyce

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In 1944, a young American soldier named Norwood Thomas was stationed in London during World War II. He met a British girl named Joyce Durrant and the two fell madly in love. However, their romance was short-lived as Norwood was soon sent to fight in the war. The couple lost touch for many years, and both eventually married and started families of their own.

Decades later, in 2015, Norwood was living in Virginia and Joyce was living in Australia. Norwood's son helped him reconnect with Joyce over Skype, and the two were overjoyed to see each other again after 71 years. They spoke regularly over the next few months and eventually decided that Norwood would fly to Australia to see Joyce in person.

Their reunion was nothing short of magical. They spent Valentine's Day together and even went skydiving. Despite the decades that had passed, Norwood and Joyce's love had never faded. Today, they are still in touch and continue to cherish their love story that spanned continents and decades.



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