What Sharks did to the soldiers that delivered Hiroshima during WWII

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“You could see the sharks circling. Then every now and then, like lightning, one would come straight up and take a sailor and take him straight down."

On July 30, 1945, the USS Indianapolis was traveling through the Philippine Sea on its way back from completing a crucial mission: delivering the components of the atomic bomb that was about to be dropped on Hiroshima. But just after midnight, a Japanese submarine sank the ship and left nearly 900 survivors stranded in the water — which was infested with sharks.

Over the course of the next four days, the helpless sailors bobbed in the water as untold swarms of sharks took them under one by one. When it was over, only 316 men came out of the water.

See the photos and go inside the deadliest shark attack in history here:




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