How Wolves raised a human child to be like them: He ate, talk and moved lived like wolves do

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In 1867, a group of hunters prowling the Indian jungle of Uttar Pradesh spotted a wolf den and cautiously began to approach it. But, to their shock, they found that one member of the pack was a little boy of about six years old.

The hunters decided to take the child away, smoking the pack out of the cave and killing the mother wolf in the process. They named the boy Dina Sanichar and brought him to a nearby orphanage in hopes of civilizing him. But Sanichar could never be civilized.

The boy continued to walk on all fours while eating only raw meat and even chewing on bones just to sharpen his teeth. Meanwhile, he communicated solely in wolf-like grunts and howls, and never learned a human language.

The problem was that the gap between his cognitive ability and his animal instinct was too great, so he was never able to speak. He could only make wolf sounds.

For the next 20 years, he continued to live among humans, but was never able to fully adapt, continued to eat raw meat, and never learned to communicate.

He ended up dying of tuberculosis in 1895.

Eventually, Sanichar's story inspired one of the most enduring works of Western literature, Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" — though the real story is even more unusual than the novel could ever capture.

Childhood is perhaps one of the most important times of a human being, that's where you learn to communicate, to socialize, your memory is consolidated. Sanichar being raised by wolves for almost 6 years, he lived the rest of his life without being able to learn and behave like a human being.




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