This is the scariest haunted house in the entire world

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Widely called the scariest haunted house in the entire world, McKamey Manor is so horrifying that most people don't even make it inside. First, if you pass the medical and psychological screening as well as the background check, you then have to survive the two hours it takes to go through the waiver that covers all the terrors that might befall you.

When most people read that they could be forced into getting a tattoo or have their fingers shoved into mousetraps, they back out on the spot. In the words of one would-be guest, "I read it and I quit. I got to the last page and turned around and went home." ⁠

But if you do continue on, proprietor Russ McKamey is nice enough to let you select two horrors from the list of more than 100 that you're allowed to avoid — forced tattoos and needles are popular picks.

Finally, if you actually make it inside, the scares are so disturbing that most people last about eight minutes before using their safe words and tearfully begging for it all to stop.




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