You won’t believe these people even exist … 12 of the world’s most unusual humans

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THE WORLD is a weird and wonderful place and there are some pretty unusual people walking around in it.

From the tallest to the smallest, the biggest boobs to the tiniest waist, here are a collection of people who you won't believe.

But we promise they really do exist.

What a stretch


Ms Myra must have trouble finding jumpers that fit.

The German lady has the biggest fake boobs in the world at a bra size of 32Z.

Each breast weighs nine kilos and holds ten litres of saline but she still wants to go bigger.

Popping Out


Kim Goodman has the most eye-popping talent on the planet.

After a blow to the head from a hockey stick, she discovered this is what happens when she yawns and she can now do this on cue.

On the Lash


When Valery Smagliy flutters his eyelashes it causes quite a breeze.

The Ukranian, whose enviable lashes measure three inches, thinks they are the longest in the world and put them down to a secret diet.

He could make a fortune if he revealed it.


This scary-looking individual has tattooed his right eyeball but that’s not even the worst thing he’s ever done.

Jason Barnum is currently serving 22 years for burglary and shooting at a policeman.


Bet this guy never loses his keys.

Bosnian Muhibija Buljubasic has such magnetic force that metal objects stick to him.

He can also attach plastic gadgets such as mobile phones to his body. Handy.

Monkey Man


With 96 per cent of his body covered in fuzz, Yu Zhenhuan of China is officially the hairiest man in the world.

The furry fellow, known as Monkey Man, has made quite a living out of his unusual look, starring in Little Hairy Boy’s Treasure Adventure but is now hoping to have surgery.

Vampire Lady


Pretty Mexican Maria Jose Cristerna gave herself a scary look with tattoos, metal horns in her head and permanent fangs.

Amazingly, this vampire vamp is a lawyer and devotes her time to helping domestic violence victims.

Bet she scares the pants off their attackers too.

Waisting Away


Michele Koebke Hopes may have overdone the corset training to get the smallest waist in the world.

Her 25-inch waist has now shrunk to 21 inches, with corset in place, she can get right down to 16 inches.

What happens to her internal organs is anyone’s guess.


Soldier who had leg blown off by Muslim: 'Don't expect me to be racist'

Girl, 5, who was horrifically burned in fire that killed her family is inundated
with Christmas cards

Best Foot Forward


Chinese lass Wang Fang was born with her feet facing backwards but she doesn’t let it hold her back.

She refuses to register as disabled and works as a waitress in a busy restaurant in Chongqing city.

Little and Large


The world’s tallest and smallest man met in Turkey and again at the Houses of Parliament in 2014 to celebrate the 10th annual Guinness World Record Day.

Turkish giant Sultan Kösen stands at a massive 8 ft 3 in and his tiny friend Chandra Bahadur Dangi – who sadly passed away in September – was just 1ft 9½ inches.

Half a Head


Carlos Rodriquez lost a huge chunk of his skull after crashing into a tree while driving under the influence of drink and drugs.

When the American – nicknamed Halfy – was arrested for soliciting prostitution, his mugshot broke the internet.




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