This is what your forehead says about your personality?



Personality Traits: What does your face reveal about your personality? Everything. Your face reveals the secrets of your personality. We are born with certain facial features for a reason. Our eyes, mouth, nose, cheeks, chin, moles, lip shapes, etc are all a map of our personality as well as our whole life. In the interesting series of body parts personality tests, today we bring the forehead shape personality test to explore the link between the forehead and personality. We will look into different forehead types so you can learn what does your forehead say about your personality.

Do you know that face reading practices development and research go back 3,000 years old? As per the face reading expert and author Jean Haner, face reading can reveal your personality traits like an open book and help you learn who are you as an individual, deepen your romantic relationships, improve your parenting skills by understanding your personality, and even understand what the personality traits of the people you meet or check out profiles on the dating sites.

Let us read what the forehead says about personality.

What forehead says about personality

#1 Big Forehead Personality
Big Forehead Personality Traits

If you have a Big Forehead, your personality traits reveal that you are a multi-tasker, organized, and good at giving advice. You live life with a balanced approach. You are wise and intelligent. You are also multi-talented. You have extremely good thinking or analytical abilities which aids you in being successful in whatever endeavor you take on. You are also extremely content with yourself and your abilities. Solitude does not bother you. You are a quick learner. You enjoy being in charge. You are open-minded and open to opportunities. You are the kind of individual who enjoys observing and exploring new avenues. Usually, successful businesspeople, celebrities, royalties, etc have a big forehead. In face reading, a big forehead is also regarded as a sign of abundance. You enjoy a good social life. You may not create a fuss over little things but at times you might take out your anger in one go. Though, when you let down your guard, you often end up being the life of the party.Key Personality Traits: Multi-Tasker, Organized, Good at Giving Advice, Lives Life in Balance, Wise, Multi-Talented, Good Analytical Abilities, Self-Content, Quick Learner, Open-Minded, Social Butterfly.

#2 Narrow Forehead Personality
Narrow Forehead Personality Traits

If you have a Narrow Forehead, your personality traits reveal that you enjoy your own company the most. You have a unique and rare personality. You listen to your heart more than your head. You will follow your emotions rather than think through things. You seldom let negativity touch you. You will immediately take up constructive projects to uplift your spirits. You avoid getting involved too closely due to fear of getting hurt. Even though you enjoy your own company, you are empathetic and equally enjoy helping others. You leave no chance to spread kindness in the world. Your kind nature at times gets you in situations where people either hurt you or take advantage of your generosity. You do not like to be too much of the center of attention though you are showered with attention and love naturally. You live life as per your rules and values. You do not conform to the norms set by society. You are extremely happy and proud of yourself. You live in gratitude. You believe in doing your work and results will follow.

Key Personality Traits: Enjoys Own Company, Unique & Rare, Kind, Enjoy Helping Others as well, Follows Heart More than Head, Stays Away from Negativity, Generous, Lives Life with Rules and Values

#3 Curved Forehead Personality
Curved Forehead Personality Traits

If you have a Curved Forehead, your personality traits reveal that you are a cheery, easy-going, and friendly individual. You have a style with brightens up the lives of people. You easily strike up friendships. You exude a warm and positive aura. You have a keen sense of what to say and when to say what. You are a highly optimistic individual. You are good at encouraging people to achieve their dreams and goals. You are a people person. You are a magnet to happiness and positive energy. You are graceful in whatever you do. You are highly calm at handling tough situations and tricky social situations. You are quick-witted as well as a patient individual. However, you will most likely follow your heart over your head if faced with a challenging situation.

Key Personality Traits: Easy-Going, Friendly, Good at Making Friends, Highly Optimistic, People Person, Magnet to Happiness and Positive Energy, Calm, Quick-Witted, Patient, Follows Heart over Head.

#4 M-Shaped Forehead Personality
M-shaped Forehead Personality Traits

If you have an M-Shaped Forehead, your personality traits reveal you are an artistic and versatile individual. You enjoy settings that make room for self-expression. You can beautifully create an amalgam of the traditional and the modern or emotional and rational while maintaining just the right amount of balance between each. If one were to describe in one sentence, you can bring the best of both worlds. You are highly imaginative as well. You love to be gracious in whatever you do. You will carry yourself in good manners. You are creative and bring exclusivity in things you do, be it as simple as dressing sense. You are most of the time very calm and serene, however, at times you can lose your temper. The good thing is that you are forgiving too. You will rarely hold grudges. If something does not work out, you try to maintain your grace and move on. You are over-protective of your loved ones, family, and friends. Your artistic skills and imagination power aids you in building anything from scratch. You notice little details. If you work in the technology sector, you most likely are the one who comes up with unique insights and ideas. 

Key Personality Traits: Artistic, Versatile, Imaginative, Graceful, Creative, Calm, Serene, Forgiving, Over-protective, Extremely Talented at Building Things from Scratch.

What is your forehead shape?


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