Story of an Indian woman who came back from death to talk to her husband (See what happened when they met)

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In October 1925, a woman named Lugdi died shortly after giving birth to a son in Mathura, India.

A year later and 75 miles away, a baby girl was born in Delhi named Shanti Devi. But when Devi turned four, the little girl started claiming that the home where she lived was not her real home and that her parents were not her real parents. She began telling stories about her past life as Lugdi. She claimed that she once had a husband, a merchant she said was fair, had a wart on his left cheek, and wore reading glasses.

Image: Shanti Devi

As Devi's stories became more and more detailed, her family decided to find the man she claimed was once her husband — and they found him in the exact town she said he would be in with all the features she described.

A meeting was arranged between them, during which the husband questioned Devi about Lugdi. He found the replies to be quite correct and was moved to tears as it was as though his dead wife was speaking." Later in the night, he asked to be allowed to talk with her alone and later said that he was......




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