Ladies, Do You Want Your Relationship To Last Long? If Yes, Don’t Tell Your Man These 6 Things

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Relationships are all about being open and honest. Or are they? There are just some things you should never, ever tell your boyfriend or husband and your mother probably won’t tell you what they are. So in this article, we are going to show you those things. Here are the top six things you should never, under any circumstances, tell your man:

1. How many sexual partners you’ve had? 

Trust us, he does not need to know this information. Here’s why: if you’ve only had a few sexual partners, he might wonder if you’ll be tempted to stray later on in the relationship. number is too high and who knows what that arbitrary number might be (no, don’t ask him!) he might think you’re loose (to use a kind word). So just don’t tell him. If he asks, just smile mysteriously and answer something like Enough to know how fantastic you are!

2. Don’t tell him you are keeping your virginity until you are married.

The truth is, telling a guy you’re a virgin may turn him off and cause him to refuse to date you. If he discovers you’re a virgin, don’t tell him you’ll never lose it until you marry him, because he might not want to stay. Get to know him first, be his friend, and act maturely whenever you’re in his presence so he can respect you and your decisions. You’ll be surprised by his acceptance of you and your choices.

3. Don’t tell him anything about your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. 

If he asks for details, say as little as possible. Never volunteer any information about an ex” it can only lead to feelings of inadequacy, suspicion, and a host of other feelings, none of them good. Don’t talk about where your ex worked, the restaurants he liked to go to” even his name if you can help it. Keep the past in the past.

4. How hot his best friend, brother, or dad is.

Unless you’ve got the hots for a celebrity that you’ll never meet in real life, keep your crushes a secret. Otherwise, he’ll become suspicious of anything you say or do around the person. And it’s not fair to either of you to cause that kind of havoc in your relationship. As far as your man is concerned, he’s the hottest guy you know.

5. Don’t tell him anything negative about his sexual prowess.

This goes for size, technique, or endurance. It will haunt you forever. Do not criticize his manhood in any way, he’ll never forget it, even if he never brings it up again.

6. Don’t tell your boyfriend about your attractive female friends.

Some female friends are ‘hot,’ and some girls enjoy bragging to their boyfriends about it. This does not show that you genuinely like their new look; rather, it sends an oblique message to the guy you’re dating to take a look at them.



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