How a 21year old dwarf outgrew everyone to become a giant

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Adam Rainer is a good example.

At age 18, he was classified as a dwarf, standing only 4 feet tall.

But around age 20, he developed a tumor near his pituitary gland that caused him to continue growing unabated. (The medical term is acromegaly).

By the time he was 32 years old, he had reached a height of 7′2″ tall (218 cm)(about the height of Shaq).

He continued growing. And, unfortunately, he’d lacked the musculoskeletal system to support his body. He’d grown outside of his natural frame. His spine began curving and his joints didn’t function correctly.

You can also see the effect on his skull and face as the growth hormones continued altering his appearance throughout his life:

Midway through his 30’s, he became bedridden and unable to move much on his own.

Unfortunately, without effective treatments available, giantism continues to grow and make a person larger until it becomes the end of them. Surgeries on him were only moderately successful.

He died in 1950 somewhere between 7′8″ (234 cm) and 7′10″ (239 cm). He is the only person to have ever been classified as both a dwarf and a giant in their lifetime




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