He kidnapped her for 3years, This is how she was found in his house

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On June 3, 1991, Denise Huber’s car broke down along Southern California freeway. It was late in the night. Before she could find help she was abducted by John Famalaro who took her to his home.

For the next three years every effort to locate Denise was abortive.

Elaine Canalia was a paint seller who had a business deal with John. To complete their business she visited John on 9th July, 1994. Things were quite odd around him; his behaviors, a rental truck covered with debris. She wrote down the plate number of the truck before she left.

Image: Huber, John, the Truck and freezer.

She gave the information to the police. It was discovered the truck was stolen six months prior.

Opening the truck they discovered a freezer powered by an extension from John’s house. In the freezer there was an unclad Huber, frozen in a fetal position with her hands still handcuffed behind her back




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