Guys: When You Notice These Six Signs, Know That She Is Leading You On Or Pretending To Love You

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Are you in love with a girl who blows hot and cold, who behaves like your girlfriend at times and snubs you like you’re a nobody at other times when she doesn’t need you? You’re probably giving your heart away to a girl who could just be toying with you, because she feels like it! Don’t be one of those dumb guys who are convinced a girl likes you when she’s literally making it clear you should back off because you’re being creepy! It’s very easy to pinpoint a girl who’s just toying with your heart. So, if you see these signs, walk away before it’s too late!

It’s a secret relationship. A few of her friends may know you are close to her, or are on the verge of dating, but none of her friends have any idea that something’s even going on between you. It’s a secret relationship and she wants to keep it that way. Basically, she’s keeping YOU a secret how do you really feel about that?

She’s distant. She’s distant and aloof when you get clingy or try to trail her all the time. When you give her a lot of attention, she tries to keep her distance from you. She blows hot one minute and cold the next. You can’t work out where you stand when it comes to her moods. It’s one of the key signs she’s pretending to love you, because she keeps you close only when she needs to.

She doesn’t want to acknowledge that you like her. She’s very evasive when it comes to talking about your feelings. Every time you tell her that you love her or want to date her exclusively, she’d just smile or change the subject. Or in the worst case, she may tell you she can’t think of you as anything more than a friend. But she’d still lean in, wrap her arms around you and kiss you to make you feel better!

She sulks when she doesn’t get her own way. If you don’t cater to her whims and do exactly what she wants you to do, she sulks. She’ll probably go quiet for a while or may even try to make you jealous by giving another guy attention. She will only respond to your texts or attention when you agree to do whatever it was she wanted in the first place.

She won’t talk about plans too far in advance. She’ll agree to do something tomorrow, but try and tie her down to a plan at the weekend or even further in advance and she goes quiet. She’s probably got plans with another guy, or she’s keeping her options open. If she wasn’t leading you on, surely she’d just be open about it. Or, she’d make the plans, right?

Her social media is vague. There’s very little on her social media that gives you an indication of what she’s about. Guys may post flirty comments frequently on her Instagram posts and she may acknowledge them, or she may be connected to several guys who constantly message her, and yet, she pretends like she knows none of them well enough in real life. Somehow, what she says and what her social media feeds say seem extremely contradictory! The truth is, you don’t have to go social media official to be together, but she shouldn’t be so age and mysterious on social media if she’s really in love with you.



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