DO YOU AGREE? Yahoo Boys Are More Honest Than Nigerian Pastors (See Why)

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You may agree or disagree, internet fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo Boys, are more honest than 99% of Nigerian Pastors.
For instance, a Yahoo boy scams his victim. The victim falls, he closes the deal letting the victim know that he’s been selling him false hope and the victim knows their stand, licks their wound, count their loses and move on.

But a Pastor sells you false hope, you pay he keeps selling and you keep paying and when it’s clear that this hope is false and nothings is adding up as promised, he says it’s because you lack faith without which you can’t see God.

So tell me is that not legit scam in the name of God? They keep extorting their congratulations with same false hope over and over again. A Yahoo boy can’t do that.

PS: I’m not by anyway encouraging internet frauds, only making a comparison. Thank you.



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