Never say these things to your boyfriend

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On the whole, guys are pretty easy going and most comments made in their direction are just so much water off a duck’s back to them. But, every so often, you can come out something that really hurts them, and you don’t even know what it is that you’ve said wrong. Here are ten of those things that you should never say to your boyfriend, if you don’t want to hurt him or put him in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

1. “You’re just a little boy”

Number one on the list of things that will bring a man to his knees is suggesting that he’s not a man at all. Don’t even joke about this one, because his ego may never recover from it.

2. “You’ve never been all that good in bed”

Another one of things not to say to your boyfriend is that he has never been all that good in bed. No jokes about size or skills in the bedroom department either, because that will deflate him even further! You don’t have to pretend that he’s the best thing since the Kama Sutra, but when he does need a bit of help, guide him gently with encouraging words, not blunt criticism.

3. “You’d know that, if you really loved me”

If you want to really infuriate a man, then tell him he doesn’t care enough to be able to read your subtle hints. Good guys will always do their best to pick up on your moods and the little hidden messages that you give, but they simply aren’t very good at it!

4. “We need to talk”

This simple phrase is also included on our list of things not to say to your boyfriend, and it will have most guys in a complete state of panic. Don’t leave him thinking that he’s done something terribly wrong or wondering if you are about to pack your bags, put him out of his misery or, at least, let him know that it’s not as serious as it sounds.

5. “I promised not to tell anyone, but….”

He might think that, if you share a secret with him, then that is a sign of how much you trust him. He might, however, also not be impressed by the fact that you can’t keep a secret and begin to wonder what you tell your friends about him. More likely, though, he will just yawn and think: ‘Oh no, not more boring gossip’.

6. “I don’t want you hanging out with those guys”

There’s every chance that he has known his friends a lot longer than he has known you, so never ask him to make that choice! If you don’t like his friends, then you don’t have to hang out with them but, don’t ask your boyfriend to dump them.

7. “I met this really great guy, you should get to know him too”

This is another one of things not to say to your boyfriend. A man likes to choose his own friends, so don’t think that you can do that for him. Also, your boyfriend’s mind will be spinning with questions and doubt, if you say that you have met a great guy. If this new guy is really great, where does that leave your boyfriend?

8. “I forbid it!”

Try a slightly more tactful approach, if you really don’t want your man to do something.  Tell him that you are uncomfortable with him doing it, or that you would rather like that he didn’t do it. Telling him outright that he is not allowed to it, will only make him want to do it all the more.

9. “What’s bugging you?”

If a man is being quiet, then he is being quiet for a reason. Sometimes guys don’t like talking about what’s on their mind, and he will get annoyed if you keep on asking him about it. Leave it for now, and either he’ll work it out by himself, or he will tell you about it, when he’s good and ready.

10. “Hey, you’ve got a little bald patch coming!”

This is another example of things not to say to your boyfriend. Even though most men’s hair does thin, in time, your boyfriend doesn’t want to hear the announcement that you’ve spotted that little thinning patch at the back of his head. Let him find out for himself later on, or you will make it seem like a bigger deal to you than it really is.




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