Who is Nigeria's richest musician? See his networth

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Who is the richest Nigerian artiste in the music industry?

For all those wondering who the richest artist in Nigeria is, no, it is not Wizkid or Davido. Those boys are sure popular, but they have not yet earned enough money to even come close to the person we are going to be talking about.

So who is the richest person in Nigeria music?

Well, it is none other than Don Jazzy! This well-known producer, singer and entrepreneur has become so rich over the years that Forbes Africa put him in 4th place on the list of most bankable artists in the whole of Africa. How did he ever get that rich? Let’s find out.

How did Don Jazzy become the top richest musician in Nigeria?

The person you know today as Don Jazzy was born as Michael Collins Ajereh on November 26, 1982, in Lagos State, where he spent his early years of life. Since childhood, he was interested in music, so he decided to learn how to play bass guitar, percussion and traditional instruments.

He received business education from the Ambrose Alli University, which helped him out to build his career in the future. But before he became rich and successful, Don Jazzy used to work as a security guard at McDonalds in London, play drums at the church his uncle invited him to, and be a member of a band, where he played bass.

In 2004, he and D’Banj came together to create Mo’ Hits Records, which was probably his first major step to success. For the next eight years, he worked as a producer and background vocalist, producing numerous popular albums and singles. During his time at Mo’ Hits, Don Jazzy worked with such big names as Kanye West, Jay Z and even Beyoncé.

After things fell apart in 2012, he abandoned Mo’ Hits Records and started his own record label called Mavin Records. Now he has nine artists under his wing, as well as an award for the Best Record Label of the Year from the 2014 City People Entertainment Awards. In addition to that, he has several awards in the category Producer of the Year.

If you want to know what Don Jazzy is up to now, you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @DonJazzy, as well as on Facebook @OfficialDonJazzy.

Don Jazzy net worth

According to TheNetWorthPortal, Don Jazzy’s net worth is the whopping $40 million! Over the years, he has managed to acquire quite a fortune for himself. Most of his income comes from his involvement in the music industry, but he also has had several endorsement deals over the years. He has partnered up with Samsung, MTN, Loya Milk and other companies. Most deals cost ₦25 million or more, so he has it good.

Don Jazzy is one of those people who do not let their money lie around. He bought himself a mansion, which reportedly cost over ₦300 million, and it is probably not the only property he owns. At one point, he had a club called POP, but, for reasons unknown, he had to shut it down.

The music producer is also very fond of fancy cars. He owns a ₦65-million gold-plated Bentley Flying Spur, a ₦22-million Porsche, as well as several other incredibly expensive vehicles. Don Jazzy sure loves to live big!

Other things you should know about the richest musician in Nigeria

In addition to what we have already told you, here are some fun facts about Don Jazzy:

For some reason, Forbes richest musician in Nigeria does not consider himself attractive. Moreover, he actually thinks he is ugly. However, that is not the reason why Don Jazzy is almost always seen wearing sunglasses. He wears them because he is shy.For quite some time, Wikipedia had listed Don Jazzy’s birth year as 1968, which would make him 50 this year. The artist took to his social media to point out this error, saying that he was actually born in 1982, which means that he is going to celebrate his 36th birthday this year.One of the most surprising things about Don Jazzy is that as soon as he releases a song, he never listens to it ever again.Don Jazzy considers music to be so important that it actually comes before his family. Can you believe that?Apparently, music is not the only thing bringing Don Jazzy money. He owns several fuel tankers and rakes in the cash from his oil investment.

As you can see, you do not have to be born rich to become rich. You just have to be determined and persevere until you get your name out there. So congrats to Don Jazzy for becoming so rich and successful. He truly deserves it.




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