Top ways to show your boyfriend that you love him

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If you want to show your boyfriend how much you love him, you don’t necessarily need to spend a load of cash; there are lots of ways you can show him love through simple, little gestures that will really count. In fact, often it’s the little, cute things that you do for him, that he really appreciates the most. Those are the things that make you who are and these are the things that make him love you, even more. Please do read our post on what men secretly expects in a relation but most ladies dont know So here is a collection of 8 things that you can do for your guy, just because you love him:
1. Just tell him!
You can’t get any cuter and sweeter than this: just take his hands in yours, look straight into his eyes and ask him: ‘Do you know how much I love you?’
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2. Bake him a cake or cook something special for him
How to show your boyfriend that you love him? Straight to his heart through his stomach, bake him a cake or cook something tasty and put a bit of effort to into it by decorating it with a message just for him, like ILY or LOVE and he will love all the trouble that you have gone to for him. It’s such a personal thing, when you have made it all yourself, so don’t cheat by getting one from the store.
3. Make him a CD
It might be something that you did for your sweetheart at school, but there is no reason not to do it now. Make up a special CD for him with all his favourite tracks and some that are special just to the two of you. He can take it with him in his car and enjoy those special memories, wherever he goes.
4. Leave him a love letter
When was the last time you wrote to your guy? So, he may be around you every day, but writing down how you feel can really help express your love even better, than the spoken word. Take your time and turn your feelings into a poem and leave it somewhere he will find it first thing in the morning, perhaps in his car or tucked into his briefcase.
5. Buy him a gift, for no reason whatsoever
It doesn’t need to be Christmas to get him a gift. Buy your guy his favourite aftershave, a shirt, a tie or something that you know that he will appreciate, and wrap it up too; it’s all about showing him your love and care.
6. Surprise him at work with a picnic
How to show your boyfriend that you love him? Get him out of the office for a while by turning up unannounced at lunchtime with a picnic hamper, filled with all his favourites. Take a trip to the park and just sit in the sun together, a simple and loving way to break up his day and let him know how much you love him and care.
7. DIY gift
A do-it-yourself gift will mean a lot more to him, than a store bought one, so put your artistic talents to use and make him a gift. If your arts and crafts skills are a little rusty, then take a course, secretly, just so you can make him a gift, that will really show your love.
8. Become his hot date
Another way to show your boyfriend how much you love him is to continue to care about yourself, even after you’ve been together for a while and even after you’ve got married. Your boyfriend loves you for who you are and not for the things you give him; he loves your soul, he loves your character and he loves your body; so make sure to spend quality time together and go on romantic dates regularly; pamper yourself, get your nails and hair in order, wear pretty clothes and become his hot date! He will like it!

How do you show love to your partner? Please, share your tips and love advice in the comments section below.




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