Romantic ways to make your lover melt

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20 Romantic Ideas To Make Your Lover Melt
When it comes to a lasting relationship, you’ll quickly realize that romance is pretty much the most important thing. If you let the romance in your love life die out, the relationship itself is going to dwindle and be extinguished soon after. Keeping the romance alive will ensure a happy and healthy relationship from start to finish.
The only trouble is, if you’ve been with someone long enough, you may run out of romantic things to do with or for them. This is perfectly understandable and extra difficult for those of you who aren’t always the creative type. However, you still have to make an effort for romance if you really want to keep your love life happy.
Lighting candles and spreading rose pedals all over the place may seem like a good idea, but it’s not very original. Your significant other wants to feel special and loved like no one else has ever been loved before. In order to do that, try using some of these romantic ideas to make your lover melt.
A Weekend Getaway
There’s really nothing better than coming home after a long workweek to your lover packing your belongings for a fun weekend getaway. Not everyone can divulge and go on a really nice vacation so it’s more than acceptable for you to plan a weekend getaway for you and your significant other. It’s a really romantic gesture to plan something like this after you know your lover has had a rough week. They’ll love you even more for it and it’ll just make them melt with love.
A Sweet Scavenger Hunt
Something that can be VERY romantic, is leaving a scavenger hunt for your lover to find if you have to go away for work for a week or so. Start by leaving a letter for them and don’t let them open it until you’ve left. This should lead them elsewhere around the house or such to different destinations where they’ll find little love notes, small gifts, or even sweet treats for them. It’s a loving gesture that will make them feel like you’re there even if you’re away.
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Candlelit Massage and Bath
Surprise your significant other with a candlelit massage followed by a warm and lovely scented bubble bath. Use great smelling oils and everything when giving them their massage! It’ll make them feel like they’re in a real salon and you get to pamper them the way they deserve.
Homemade Dinner and Foot Rub
There are far too many of us that put value into taking someone out to dinner when really, a home cooked meal is far more romantic and meaningful than going out somewhere. There’s something really special about the fact that your lover would take the time and effort into a homemade dinner just to make you feel good. So make sure your partner feels this amazing by cooking them a fantastic meal at home and follow dinner with a relaxing foot rub for them. They’ll definitely be feeling the romance.
Love Notes
These may seem outdated now that we have the Internet, texting, and email. However, never underestimate the power of a really nicely written love letter. If you sit down and just write how you feel about them and all the things you want them to know about your feelings for them, they will be more than impressed and will love you so much more for it. The romance in this is so special and meaningful it doesn’t compare to anything else. Just be sure to keep it genuine. Doing this at least once a year will be sure to keep that romance alive.
Favorite Treats
This is something SO SIMPLE that I’m not sure why people don’t do it more. You might not think the romance is here, but trust me when I say it definitely is. If you stop and get gas on your way home, pick up your significant other’s favorite candy or drink for them. This is honestly SO easy to do that you can do this multiple times a month and it will feel just as amazing for them each time. They’ll also be so appreciative that you pay so much attention to their favorites.
Little Surprises
Now, I’m not one to say that romance is all about spending money on someone else. However, buying $5 items for your significant other every now and then will only do good things for your relationship. If there’s a certain lip gloss your girlfriend loves or even a bubble bath she can’t get enough of, go pick it up when you see she’s running low. Buying cute little gifts and leaving them as a surprise for your significant other can move mountains when it comes to the romance in your relationship.
A Relationship Photo Album
If you have a lot of pictures of the two of you holding up space on your phone or computer, go ahead and make a little album for the two of you to look over. This is actually a pretty cheap thing to do but you’ll have no idea just how meaningful it will be. This is so romantic because they’ll be able to see your whole relationship right in front of them in the form of pictures that won’t disappear if their phone ever malfunctions.
Spontaneous Picnic
Picnics are definitely underrated when it comes to romance. People think they’re too common or not unique enough just because they’re in a lot of old romance movies. The truth is that they’re so popular because they’re so amazing. There’s something really special about sitting on a blanket in the grass on a lovely day with someone you care a lot for and enjoying a nice meal together. It’s especially wonderful if it’s completely spontaneous or by surprise. My advice is to make sure it’s not going to rain before heading out so you don’t get drenched!
Wanted Gifts
Everybody has that one thing they’ve been wanting for a while but just don’t have the means to purchase it for themselves or they just aren’t super positive they want to spend their own money on it. Go ahead and get this for them. If you notice they’ve wanted it for a while but haven’t gotten it for themselves yet, just buy it for them and leave it as a surprise. This is really meaningful if there are no holidays or birthdays coming up at all and it’s all just because you want to buy it for them.
Wine Tasting Date
If you two love wine, then why not hit up a winery and have a really nice date night together! There are a lot of establishments that also offer free wine tastings. So not only is this a really romantic date, it’s also super affordable and will make your lover happy. Plan to go out on a really nice date and then take them to a winery instead of to dinner. What’s the best thing about wine tasting date nights? Wine is an aphrodisiac and will be sure to make both of you feel frisky for a romantic night once you get back home.
Amusement Park Fun
If you think amusement parks can’t be romantic, you’re dead wrong. When you have adrenaline pumping through your veins and you’re flying through the air at top speeds, it all makes you put your relationship into perspective. You get off the rides full of smiles and then rush into the arms of your loved one. How is this NOT romantic? It’s also a really fun way to let off steam and just be relaxed with one another. Bonus points if there are games to play where you can win your significant other a teddy!
Board games aren’t really pictured as a romantic thing to play since you spent most of your childhood playing them. However, let me tell you that they REALLY are. If you turn down the lights, pour both of you a glass of wine, and bring out your favorite board games, you’ll see just how romantic and fun it can be. The thing that will make your lover melt even further is when you pull out THEIR favorite childhood game to play. You can also take things a step further and play different types of games like Would You Rather or the Question Game.
Date Night Planned 100% by You
Plan every single detail of a date down to the outfit your significant other will be wearing. When they come home from work, be gone until a certain time. Leave their outfit and a note on top of it telling them to put it on and you’ll be there to pick them up at ______. Then watch as they walk out of the house completely mesmerized that you took the effort into planning an entire night of fun things for you two to do. You can go to dinner, a movie, ice-skating, or even to visit a pet store and play with the little animals if that’s something they’d be interested in. Taking the responsibility of making sure they have a great night is extremely romantic.
Never underestimate the power of flowers. They’re very, very simple, but they can make your lover feel so special and loved. It doesn’t take much effort to go and pick up some flowers at least once a month just to show your lover how much you appreciate them being in your life. Everybody loves flowers and would be touched to receive them.
Voice Your Appreciation
Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that can mean the most to your partner. Just turn to them and tell them how much you appreciate their hard work and effort in regards to your relationship. You can do this before going to bed at night or while you see them working really hard to dinner or cleaning the house. The power of simple appreciation can be very romantic.
A Slow Sexy Night
This is the night to pull out all the classic romance moves. Turn down the lights, light up some candles, and put on the slow music. Start the night by giving your lover a slow massage that leads into more and then take it easy. Having a really intimate, slow, and passionate night together can do more for your relationship than anything else can. The romance alone will make them melt.
Movie Night at Home
Sometimes you both just need a break from being out and about. Instead, plan a movie night at home. Go out and get some popcorn, a great movie, and both of your favorite candies and plan a night at home together. Put on your PJs, grab a really comfy blanket, and just enjoy a good movie with each other’s company. You’ll never know just how romantic something so simple like this can be.
Slow Dancing in the Kitchen
Something that will make any girl melt, ALWAYS, is pulling her away from doing the dishes or cooking something just to slow dance with her. Turn the music to a really sweet slow song you know she likes and pull her into you. Even if you only spend a moment dancing (so you don’t burn any cooking food), the gesture along will be enough to make her realize just how lucky she is to have you.
Baking Together
This is not only really fun to do together, but it can also be really romantic if you do it right. Plan a night of baking some sweet treats together FROM SCRATCH. It’s too fast and easy to use store bought box mixes so make sure you make all of your desserts homemade. This will allow you to spend quality time together and you’ll get to work together to make something delicious. And if you just so happen to have a flour fight in the process, so be it!

Romance isn’t some complex thing in a relationship that’s really hard to master. If anything, romance should be simple and meaningful. These romantic ideas to make your lover melt can also help build a stronger relationship if done regularly.



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